The Jozi Vegan: Embark on a Plant-Based Culinary Adventure


Experience the delights of cruelty-free cuisine at The Jozi Vegan, nestled in the vibrant Rivonia district of Johannesburg. Located at 2, 5th Avenue, Rivonia, Sandton, this restaurant invites patrons to explore a diverse menu that celebrates the rich flavours of nature.

About The Jozi Vegan

At The Jozi Vegan, traditional favorites undergo a plant-based transformation, offering a tantalising array of dishes to suit every palate.

From signature pizzas boasting fresh ingredients to folded sandwiches brimming with wholesome fillings, each item on the menu promises a burst of flavour and a guilt-free dining experience.

Delicious Delights You Need To Try

For those craving a handheld delight, The Jozi Vegan offers an array of fresh folded sandwiches, perfectly complemented by crispy fries or a garden salad.

And to conclude your meal on a sweet note, indulge in decadent desserts ranging from rich chocolate cakes to creamy cheesecakes, all crafted with care and attention to detail.

The Best Plant-Based Burgers Ever

Burgers take centre stage at The Jozi Vegan. Plant-based and mushroom patties are stacked high with crisp lettuce, and flavourful sauces.

From classic burgers to something super spicy, they are sure to be impressed by the depth of flavours and textures in every bite.

They’re Green & Sustainable

In addition to offering exceptional cuisine, they’re committed to sustainability.

Locally sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging underscore the restaurant’s dedication to reducing its environmental impact while supporting the community.

Amazing Plant-Based Dining

Visit The Jozi Vegan and embark on a culinary journey that celebrates the endless possibilities of plant-based dining.

Whether you’re a devoted vegan or curious about a new way of eating, expect a warm welcome and a memorable dining experience. Join them and discover the magic of vegan cuisine in the heart of Johannesburg.

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You can also contact them by calling 065 560 1817 or emailing

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Address: 2, 5th Avenue, Rivonia, Sandton, Johannesburg.

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