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The Fat Mermaid - A Suburban Greek Paradise

The Fat Mermaid - A Suburban Greek Paradise

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Greek cuisine is making a comeback in a big way. Visit The Fat Mermaid in Bedfordview for traditional meze, dips, yiros and desserts. Afterwards, you can take a dip in their sparkling pool or enjoy a cocktail at the tiki bar. It's a Greek island beach vibe with a family-friendly atmosphere, perfect for the summer holidays! 

Bedfordview is fast becoming the go-to suburb for good Greek food in the city. With a number of restaurants featuring traditional Greek meze and desserts on their menus, it seems as though this pick and share way of eating is gaining popularity. Or, perhaps it has always been a part of the Bedfordview food ethos. We are simply starting to take notice because it's too good not to.

Recently, a friend and I discovered another hidden Greek gem tucked away down a side street in Bedfordview. Quaintly called The Fat Mermaid, this restaurant and party venue is the ideal spot for summer meals, drinks and a good time. Complete with a shining swimming pool, shaded outdoor seating and a 'shot bar', The Fat Mermaid is a suburban Greek paradise if ever there was one.

The Fat Mermaid

The decor consists of shades of deep blue and stark white, reminiscent of the villas perched upon Greek island mountainsides. If like me, you will be having a Joburg Christmas 'staycation', this is the perfect place to visit for a feeling of international escape. You are welcome to take a dip in the pool, for a charge of R25. Or, lounge in the sunshine on one of their recliners. Either way, it's the nearest thing to a Greek beach vacation without need for a passport. My friend and I took a seat under the shaded lapa which overlooks the pool. The venue isn't all that spacious, but there is enough room between the tables to be able to hold a good, long conversation. After all, that's what good Greek meals are about, besides the food of course.

Speaking of food, The Fat Mermaid has a generous menu, featuring meze, gourmet sandwiches, pastas and yiros. Their drinks menu is just as inviting, with both hot and cold options. We both chose to indulge in a coffee freezo. Not too bitter and not too sweet, it went down a treat.

The Fat Mermaid

Choosing a meal was difficult, thanks to all the yummy sounding options. However, I settled on a Chicken and Tzatziki Yiro, while my friend gave into her sweet tooth with a Nutella, Strawberry and Oreo Crumble Waffle. Our order did take awhile to reach the table, but we hardly noticed on accordance of the serene setting and our chilled drinks. Once our food did arrive, we were more than ready to tuck in. My yiro was slightly under seasoned and the potato chips could have been crispier. But all in all, it was a happy marriage of herby grilled chicken, fresh tomato and onion, tangy tzatziki and doughy pita bread.

It's hard to go wrong with buttery waffles, fresh strawberries, Oreo crumble and chocolate sauce. Needless to say, my friend was superbly impressed with her choice and we will definitely be back for more!

On our way out, I spotted a table laden with Greek biscuits and sweets. There is also a fridge filled with pre-made Greek snacks and meals, including falafels and keftedakia. Great for lunchboxes or as finger food at parties, your guests will never know that you didn't make them from scratch, so pick up a few. Alternatively, you can book out The Fat Mermaid for your next birthday or special function. There are two function rooms available, including the outdoor Mermaid Lounge and Bar, which seats up to 45 people.

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Details: 4 Jasmine Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg | 011 450 0053


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