The 11th Floor: Rooftop Restaurant and Cocktail Bar


A culinary journey awaits those in pursuit of an extraordinary dining experience. The 11th Floor Restaurant captivates guests with exquisite cuisine, personalised service, luxurious decor, live music and breathtaking views. Where flavours ignite in a gourmet revolution, reshaping the city’s food scene with a celebration of Mediterranean flavour.

A Mediterranean Culinary Journey

Chef Kyle Marshall personifies creativity and passion, with a deep appreciation for the culinary arts, creating dishes that showcase a rich tapestry of flavours. “Our mission is to take guests on a gastronomic odyssey awakening their senses and challenging their preconceptions. We aim to create an environment where each dish is a masterpiece, narrating an enchanting tale.

Step Into a Realm of Culinary Excellence

The menu caters to a diverse palette and harmoniously combines the freshest locally sourced ingredients with the finest curated imports. Guests can choose between various meticulously crafted dishes, from succulent char-grilled melt-in-your-mouth steaks, wood-fired roman pizzas, homemade pastas and delicate seafood to decadent deserts and artisanal gelato.

Enchanted Evenings

Meticulously designed, The 11th Floor Restaurant offers an inviting ambiance that enriches the dining experience, combining a careful blend of modern elegance and welcoming warmth. Live music by local artists is part of this signature experience, brought to life by the piano, saxophone, and acoustic guitar.

Liquid Masterpieces

The superb selection of local and imported wines and champagnes, showcased by the in-house sommeliers, perfectly complements the culinary offering. While the bar features a creative mix of classic and signature cocktails.

Your Next Rooftop Dining Destination

Whether you are a discerning connoisseur searching for your next gourmet adventure, or a traveller seeking to embrace the essence of Johannesburg through its flavours, The 11th Floor Restaurant is an essential destination on your culinary map.

Book your table by clicking here or phoning them on 010 045 0440. They are located at 28 Bradford Road Bedfordview. Located in Nicol Corner, on the 11th floor.

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