Tech Johannesburg Businesses Should Adopt to Get Ahead


Innovating products and services have long been the go-to way to get ahead, and after that, competing on price points. In the modern world of business, technology plays an ever-increasing role in enhancing these aspects, as well as making businesses better in other ways that are slightly less customer-facing. Here’s a look at each and how they can be used to enhance any applicable business based in Johannesburg.

Embracing the bogeyman of the current tech conversation

If there’s one kind of emerging technology that has people a bit on edge right now, it’s artificial intelligence. The emergence of ChatGPT really got people quaking, with its ability to write from any given prompt and review the internet to find answers to questions. Still, the technology is superb for businesses, and not in a way that would replace workers. As has been detailed by the Harvard Business Review, AI can be utilized to automate processes, offer cognitive insight on massive data sets, and offer cognitive engagement – such as in the form of a first point of contact with a customer service option before passing on to a human.

The sheer computing power of AI can help to make your business more streamlined, especially if you get a lot of data via online services. An AI program could help to categorize all of the data points gathered from customer behavior on your site and then deliver these findings in clear-cut, easy-to-analyze ways. Best of all, there are plenty of software companies in South Africa ready to assist. SIVOXI and Elucidate AI are both rated highly, with the former being based in Sandton and the latter being here in Johannesburg.

Making the most of the move to renewable energies

Johannesburg has been blighted by energy problems for quite some time now. The energy crisis is very real, but in March of this year, the government made a clear and concerted effort to attempt to solve the problem by instating a minister of electricity, Kgosientsho Ramokgopa. In his new role, Ramokgopa aims to issue over 15,000 megawatts worth of renewable energy project tenders while also extending the life of fossil fuel energy plants and stations. Still, going renewable has been a goal for many for quite some time. You only have to look at the solar panels of Eastgate to see how effective stacking up solar panels can be – these produce 170,000 kWh per month.

Given South Africa’s geographical position, solar power is the natural and obvious renewable tech for businesses to turn to, but the cost barrier is often feared. To help with this, the government has laid out ways for people to save money if they integrate solar panels. Until the end of February 2025, businesses can claim up to a 125 percent deduction, which includes a 50 percent cost reduction and 100 percent capital allowance in the first year for solar PV energy projects that clock in at under 1MW. As for local companies that can help with this, SunPower SA, Rubicon SA, SolarAfrica, and Grid Freedom hold strong reputations.

Taking the social media immersion to the next level

Now, compared to AI and solar energy, social media platforms and the upcoming tech application is fairly low-tech, but it’s this accessibility that makes it such a strong option. Already, reports detail that over 25 percent of companies in South Africa use social media to lower communication costs, while two in three say that social media promotes their brand and increases returns. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube are all very popular, and what connects these for the next tech step for a business is that you can live stream on them.

Already, live streaming is mainstream. People livestream to large and small audiences all of the time on social media platforms. The tech has even been taken to an even greater level in the iGaming industry. Here, rather than offering a passive experience, the best online casinos in South Africa host live casino games. It’s the live table games that help to earn high review scores. Now, live play in real-time at top sites like Fastpay Casino and ZAR Casino is a possible and interactive experience. Players can try out these experiences both on desktop and mobile devices. It’s this angle that has many businesses even taking to live streaming shopping, or live commerce, which is already earning billions of US dollars in China.

Businesses looking to get an edge in South Africa should explore the options in solar energy, AI, and especially live streaming.

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