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Taking A Culinary Trip Down Grant Avenue

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Painted in rich history, Grant Avenue has seen its fair share of  infamous Joburg restaurants, party spots, and socialites come and go. Today, it is a corner cafe and street food paradise worth visiting. Here's what to expect. grant avenue  

The Usual On Grant

The next time you find yourself in Norwood with time to spare, head to the Usual On Grant and order a cup of coffee. Why? Because they have very, very, very good coffee. Then, order another cup of coffee and take a loot at their extensive menu. The Usual is known as the hottest brunch spot in Norwood. Visitors can expect tasty tacos, beautiful burritos, and enticing enchiladas to name a few.


Baha Taco

What first catches your eye is the décor … it’s something else! Quaint, quirky and oh-so-cute, the pink pizza oven (yes, a pizza oven in a Mexican place … don’t ask – it works), the mosaicked table top, and the cacti on display make for a cosy, intimate and relaxed setting. everything is made from scratch and all their meat is from Braeside Butchery, so you know it’s good quality. With that in mind, what’s a Mexican meal without nachos, right? Baha Taco rocks the nacho boat all the way from Joburg to Cozumel. Other favourites are the "drunken" bean empenadas, and their #TacoTuesday specials.


grant avenue

Queen Sheba

At HQ we're all about embracing African cuisine. From the kotas around the corner to injera from Ethiopia, we can't get enough of real soul food. This brings us to Queen Sheba, an Ethiopian gem found on Grant Avenue. The decor is chilled, the vibe is chilled, and the food full of flavour. Patrons can expect spice and all things nice, such as classic finger foods, lega tibes, and a decent collection of vegetarian food (there are so many options that it has its own section on the menu). If you fancy yourself a coffee fanatic, then Queen Sheba is the place for you. At the time of writing a cup of their infamous Ethiopian coffee would set you back R15 a cup. Sold? Of course you are!


The Schwarma Co.

Guilty pleasure does not even begin to explain how we feel about the Schwarma Co. in Norwood. In fact, you can cover Lego bricks in humus from this shop and we'll munch down like there's no tomorrow. Schwarma Co uses fresh ingredients, stacks the vertical rotisserie every day, and serves falafels so tasty that folks have flown in from Turkey to have a bite... fine, the last bit we made up but you know what we mean. Our favourite bite at the Schwarma Co. is by far the lamb shish kebabs. The laffa (Middle Eastern flat bread) is not bad at well - two thumbs up from us for sure.


Grant Avenue

Fireside Bistro

Rated as one of the top 60 restaurants in Joburg by TripAdvisor, Fireside Bistro adds a sense of umami to the smorgasbord that is Grant Avenue. Since opening its doors in January 2015, Fireside Bistro has been cooking up outstanding T-bones, rump, fillet, ribs, deboned chicken, calamari, mussels, prawns, salmon, kingklip, trout, boerewors, springbok, oxtail, ostrich, burgers, baguettes, salads, soups, and more. The best time to pull in would be on a Sunday for lunch when Fireside Bistro pops a lamb on the spit. Oh! Before we forget, their toasted cheese is amazing. It's defs in our top five in the city for sure.


Next Door

Are you looking for a fun family-friendly restaurant that you've not been to before? Then we've got the place for you! Kosher thin base pizza (topped with cheese made from Chalav Yisrael milk), homemade gnocchi, and even sushi! Next Door has got something for everyone. On top of that Next Door also serves yummie Bar One milkshakes that are worth the trip alone.


grant avenue

47 On Grant

Norwood is a melting pot of culture, and with that comes the different ingredients that are needed to create a buffet worth the drive. One place that stands out in the area is 47 On Grant. Known for its Turkish fusion, sunny courtyard, and exciting menu, 47 On Grant is a must-visit for all Joburg foodies. Patrons can expect items such as cağ kebabs, lamb pirzola, and Sri Lankan pumpkin curry to name a few.

Details: 071 155 7266 | 47A Grant Ave, Norwood, Johannesburg, 2192

Sumting Fresh

What started out as a chance meeting in the back of a minibus taxi soon turned into a business venture of a lifetime. Sumting Fresh is proof that hard work and dedication pays off in the end. Starting out as a little catering company soon evolved into a fully-fledged restaurant which serves fresh bao buns, cocktails, and fried chicken. In fact, their food is so good that they've were featured as part of the top ten food market stalls in the world by the Guardian UK.


By Shawn Greyling

One comment on “Taking A Culinary Trip Down Grant Avenue”

  1. If you head to Grant Avenue, also look out for :
    - Loof coffee on Ivy road (just off Grant Avenue) for a boutique coffee experience owned and run by a passionate coffee connoisseur, Charle
    - Momo - a new addition to the high street, serving Bao, poke bowls, delicious Ramens, and other Korean favourites. It’s BYO too!

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