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Take ‘Sitting In Traffic’ To A New Level Of Convenience With Zeelo

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Driving through traffic doesn’t need to be a tedious experience. Hop aboard the Iconic Shuttle Service powered by Zeelo and take sitting in traffic to a new level of comfort, luxury and relaxation. Plus, we have a special promo code for our readers to get you a free 10 ride pass when booking your first Zeelo ride. Keep reading to find out more.

Travel Between Eastgate Shopping Centre & Sandton City In Luxury

Zeelo, the personalised shared transport service, in partnership with Eastgate Shopping Centre and Sandton City Shopping Centre, has launched an iconic commuting service between the two centres.

Shoppers and commuters are able to choose between four morning departure times from Eastgate Shopping Centre and four afternoon return times from Sandton City Shopping Centre, with a single return journey for R75 which includes free parking. Several bulk ride packages are also available at discounted rates.

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Zeelo's Luxury Features

The luxury coaches are equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, meaning passengers can catch up on emails, watch their favourite series on Netflix or even nap on the commute, instead of wasting this time fighting with traffic behind their steering wheel. The coaches are air-conditioned and have spacious, reclining seats for their luxury.

“We, at Zeelo, are passionate about giving people their time back. The average commuter that drives to work in their car wastes up to thirteen weeks a year behind the steering wheel, we want to make travelling with Zeelo a viable alternative to the car”, says James Champion, General Manager of Zeelo SA.

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Reducing Traffic Congestion One Journey At A Time

Zeelo call themselves the ‘getting-people-out-of-cars people’, and this is exactly what they hope to do with this service. For every Zeelo journey from Eastgate Shopping Centre to Sandton City, an average of 30 vehicles will be taken off the road, contributing to a reduction in traffic congestion, as well as carbon emissions. The partnership with Zeelo leads to the introduction of diversified modes of public transport for the reduction of carbon emissions.

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“With a vision to create the ultimate convenient lifestyle destination, the building block of on-demand spaces ensures that we provide a revolutionary convenience offering. We understand that time is a valuable resource, therefore through this initiative, we aim to afford time back to people through the means of a luxury commuting service that travels between two of the country’s leading shopping centres, Sandton City and Eastgate Shopping Centre. We look forward to the launch of this partnership and to bringing people closer to a stress-free day”, says Preston Gaddy, General Manager at Sandton City.

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“At Eastgate Shopping Centre, we pride ourselves in offering convenience to our customers and with Zeelo, this is even more achievable! Nobody enjoys sitting in traffic, so being able to catch up on series, emails, or some beauty sleep while someone else sits in the traffic is a definite win and we are thrilled to be offering our shoppers, and all members of Joburg East, a luxury service of this nature”, says Kelly Belman, General Manager at Eastgate Shopping Centre.

Book With Zeelo Now!

Passengers wishing to use the service are able to book and pay for their rides online through Zeelo’s state-of-the-art website; have access to 24/7 live customer support through the online live chat functionality and will be able to track their bus in real time.

This initiative supports Liberty Two Degrees’ (L2D) strategic building blocks of Good and On-Demand Spaces, which have been implemented to ensure that its co-owned centres provide experiential offerings which are unique in the market.

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Get A Free Ride Pass!

Would you like to enjoy a free ride to test this service? Use the promo code JOBURG10RIDES when booking your first ride and get a 10 Ride Pass for free! Don't miss this exclusive offer.

For More Information

For more information about Zeelo, visit zeelo.co.za.

To book your ride between Eastgate Shopping Centre and Sandton City, click here.

You can also contact them on 010 500 2107 or [email protected].

Don't forget to follow or like them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up-to-date with the latest news, offers and more.

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