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Taboo Nightclub

Taboo Nightclub

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Taboo is a stylish up-market club in wait for it… Sandton. Sandton is the new, or not so new home of the Johannesburg stock exchange, the uber stylish Sandton City Shopping Centre and many other classy destinations and Taboo fits in snuggly.

Porches, Jaguars and Hummers line the pavement outside and beautiful people can be found inside having the time of their lives, donning designer outfits and a clutch martini. The atmosphere is altogether fun, but not really a place to go if concentrating on saving during this temperate economic ‘climate’. The décor is second to none, with red and black wallpaper, red lighting and white leather couches…stylish.

This is the kind of place to go when in the mood for a proper throw down, put some money aside, tighten your blue suede shoes and get ready for the time of your life.

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