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Here's Why You Need To Join SWEAT 1000

Here's Why You Need To Join SWEAT 1000

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As the saying goes, "summer bodies are made in winter". So why not get your body summer ready with epic workouts at SWEAT 1000! Here's why you need to join them if you're set on getting into shape this season.

You'll Burn 1000 Calories In One Hour

Do you know what SWEAT stands for? Although you will be sweating profusely once they're done with you, it actually stands for Specialised Weight Endurance Athletic Training. The number 1000 represents the number of calories that you will burn in the space of a pumped one-hour workout! Now that's a lot of calories!

These intense workouts consist of various components of interval training, functional training, core stability work, athletic training, and agility training, all combined into a one-hour explosive, action-packed, and adrenaline pumping class that is guaranteed to be different, every time. No class is the same, as it's always changing and evolving to ensure that you're always challenged and that boredom in your workout routine is never an option. You'll never know what you're going to get at your next session!

Still trying to get started on the your journey to a fitter, stronger, faster and better you? Not to worry! SWEAT 1000 caters to all fitness levels.

It's Fun!

If you think you'll be heading into another boring and monotonous workout, think again! SWEAT 1000® workouts continuously changing and developing, ensuring that you get to experience something unique and different, every time you pay them a visit and break a sweat. Other than their upbeat, intense and pumping workouts, they also add some other external factors to make your visit more exciting. Think along the lines of live DJs spinning so epic beats to keep you motivated, which includes specially mixed SWEAT 1000 remixes by local and international DJs; bright and vibrant laser and disco lighting, and last but certainly not least, the continual implementation of the latest functional equipment at SWEAT 1000 studios, nationwide!

Workout Wherever You Are!

No matter where you are, you can squeeze in a SWEAT 1000 workout. All you need is a wide open space, your sweat towel, a bottle of water and your phone. There are two online options to choose from to ensure that you break a sweat: purchasing and downloading the SWEAT 1000 App or subscribing to SWEAT 1000 Live for live workouts streamed through Instagram. Either way, you're bound to get a great workout that's sure to make you feel not only tired, but great and accomplished.

The SWEAT 1000 App is available for either Android or iPhone, and will cost R499.99* per month.

Subscription to @SWEAT1000Live on Instagram will also cost R499.99* per month. You will only be granted access to this account once you have made payment of your subscription.

For more information about these options, click here.

Sweat It Out At S.W.E.A.T 1000

What Are The Costs?

When it comes to signing up with SWEAT 1000, there are no joining fees, contracts or memberships! As one of their clients, you only pay for the classes that you participate in. However, when it comes to participating, all bookings are to be made online through their easy-to-use software solution. Click here to book your class now.

Now onto the costs! Your standard packages are as follows:


  • SWEAT 1000 App – R499.99* per month
  • SWEAT 1000 Instagram Live – R499.99* per month


  • 1 Single Class – R230*
  • 5 Class (5 weeks) – R1 050*
  • 10 Class (10 weeks) – R2 000*
  • 15 Class (15 weeks) – R2 950*
  • 20 Class (20 weeks) – R3 800*
  • 30 Class (30 weeks) – R5 550*
  • 50 Class (40 weeks) – R8 750*


  • 30 Days – R2 295* per month
  • 90 Days – R2 195* per month
  • 6 Months – R2 150* per month
  • Annual – R1 995* per month

"New" Packages:

  • "New" Fitter 6 Months – R780* per month
  • "New" Faster 6 Months – R1 850* per month
  • "New" Stronger 6 Months – R1 140* per month

Click here for more details on each of these packages.

Where Are the Studios Located? 

In Johannesburg, you'll find the SWEAT 1000 studio at Blubird Shopping Centre, on the corner of Fort and Atholl-Oaklands Road in Birnam, Johannesburg.

You can contact this studio at 011 440 6484 or [email protected].

sweat 1000

For More Information

For more information about SWEAT 1000 and what they have to offer, visit

You can also contact them on 011 440 6484 or [email protected].

Don't forget to follow SWEAT 1000 on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news, classes, offers and information.

Please note: live stream events are subject to change, be cancelled or postponed at any given time. Please visit the organiser's social platforms to confirm if these events are still happening. 

Images from SWEAT 1000 via Facebook.

sweat 1000


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