Stocking Fillers For The Little Ones

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Whether you're an uncle, aunt, grandmother, grandfather or even a parent, buying gifts for the little ones can be tough. We all know that the festive season can be pricey — travelling, activities, Christmas lunch, gifts, wrapping paper... the list goes on, but your wallet does not. The children don't understand this though. They want as many gifts as possible and you want to give it to them to see their excited little faces and hear their exhilarated giggles chiming throughout the house. So we have compiled a list of stocking fillers for kids that will fill them with joy and be easy on your wallet.  stocking fillers


Bubbles are always fun for kids and adults alike. They provide safe and inexpensive fun for everyone. But we are taking bubbly entertainment to the next level with the Shark Bubble Blower. This device, which includes bubble solution, shoots out bubbles faster than you can pop them. To spoil a little princess, try the Ice Cream Bubble Blower. Complete with bubble fluid, this gift makes for the ultimate bubble extravaganza. Both the Shark Bubble Blower and Ice Cream Bubble Blower are available from Clicks.

Chalk Bombs

These are bombs made from chalk and are available in all sorts of different colours, so the little ones can have a super colourful fun war. Each bomb lasts for over 200 throws and for an added bonus, they're fully washable so you don't need to worry about the mess. The Sports Chalk Bombs are available at The Crazy Store.

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Every kid loves squishy and colourful slime. Heck, even we do! But why? Well, because it feels good! Don't ask us why, but there's just something about the slippery sludge and vibrant colours that's so captivating. And best of all, it'll keep them (and even yourself) entertained for hours. Slime is available in several assortments, such as rainbow slime, unicorn slime and galaxy slime. You can even get the kids their very own slime lab available in small and large. These slime products are available at The Crazy Store.

Finger Paint

For children who are too young to use a paintbrush but still enjoy the fun and mess involved with creating an artistic masterpiece, finger paint is the perfect gift. Teddy Finger Paint can be found in both poster paint and powder form in green, blue, red and yellow. These are available at

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Play Dough

If your children are the world's future leading architectures, then play dough is a must-add to their Christmas stocking haul. Get their creative juices flowing with this colourful ball of stretchy gob, which they can use to build and mold for hours and tear apart in a matter of seconds, only to start all over again. Get a Colour Dough 10 Piece Set at

Water Bombs

Every kid enjoys making a mess and fighting one another in a thrilling water fight. Something that is sure to get them outside, away from their gadgets and cooling down in the sweltering summer weather is a water fight. These reusable water bombs only need to be soaked in water and then it is every man, woman and kid for themselves. The Wazooka Splat Attack Reusable Water Bombs are available at Let the games begin!

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Beyers Animal Droppings

Kids always seem to find themselves playing with something "gross" or "dirty". Parents, you know what we mean - them picking up things they shouldn't be. But there's one "gross" thing that's acceptable - 'animal droppings', and not just any animal droppings - Beyers Chocolate Animal Droppings. Not only will it make them laugh but they make the perfect milk-chocolaty treat. It's just chocolate coated shortbread, peanuts or almonds available in various animal dropping flavours - giraffe, buck and zebra. Beyers Animal Droppings are available at Dis-chem.

Beach Balls

For some more fun in the sun, a beach or pool volley ball is perfect. All you need for this is some family and friends, a beach, garden or pool and, of course, the ball. Blow up the beach ball, divide into teams and let the fun commence. Just remember the sunscreen! Beach balls are available in various sizes from small to jumbo at The Crazy Store.

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