Stock Up On All Things Glass At The Consol Shop’s Red Hot Sale!

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Whether you’re a fan of making your own preserves from jams to pickled goods, or enjoy letting your creative juices flow by creating stunning crafted items using jars, you will not want to miss out on The Consol Shop’s Red Hot Sale! This is just the sale if you’re looking to stock up on all things glass. Plus, we're giving away three Consol Glass hampers valued at R200 each!  To find out how to enter, just keep reading. 

The Consol Shop's massive “Red Hot” Sale is back from Monday, 28 August 2017 to Saturday, 09 September 2017, offering shoppers amazing discounts on a huge selection of products stocked at their store in Woodmead. You can expect discounts ranging from 25% to 35% and even 50% off! In fact, no single sale item is selling for more than R25, ensuring your basket is full without breaking the bank. This is value-for-money shopping that you just can’t beat.

No Gift-Giving Occasion is Complete Without Glass

The timing of the sale could not be any better – particularly if you are a fanatical planner. Get ahead of the year-end rush on gifts by creating something beautiful with Consol Glass. These fantastic yet easy to prepare gifts – handmade and heartfelt – truly demonstrate gratitude. From suppliers or clients to teachers' gifts or something small for your neighbour, these ideas will free your creative genius. Of course, everything that comes out of glass is as pure as when it went in – because it’s good if it’s in glass!

For a great gift for under R50 – fill a chalkboard jar with sweet treats. Wrap pencils around a Consol Preserve jar, fill with flowers and tag it – a truly thoughtful way of presenting a teacher with a colourful gift for under R100. Also, there’s no need to wrap these gifts – what you see is what you get and that’s what makes them so appealing. Printables, tags or vinyl stickers will add the finishing touches to your gifts wrapped in glass.

Servings of Great Taste

If you are in the business of catering and cocktails or simply entertain a lot, you'll agree that glass preserves the goodness, flavour and splendour that is food. It also makes this sale an ideal opportunity to stock up on glass products that have a special kind of sparkle, adding style to every occasion. The 250ml Consol Preserve jar – which is perfect for cocktails, portable dining and desserts – is also on sale and at just R23.10 this is the ideal time to add to and build your stock. Glass is, and always has been, synonymous with good taste and that’s why 80% of South Africans agree that products in glass are better quality.*

The Art of Glass

Use glass to make a statement. Let it add style to your table settings and make sure you include it in your party décor. Its beauty is reflected in its transparency and light and because it doesn’t age, the creative and decor opportunities are endless. Turn a glass jar into an atrium, a vase, a table centrepiece, or a candle holder – the only limit is your imagination. It will add timelessly elegant finishing touches however you choose to use it.


Pantry Planning – Satisfy the Organiser in You

Made from all-natural substances, glass is perfect for preserving the shelf life of its contents for longer while maintaining their purity. You can store just about anything in glass, trusting that the nutritional value and health of the product will remain intact. With all these qualities, who wouldn’t want a pantry stocked with the goodness of glass packaging? While great for storage and organising a messy pantry, products like the Consol My Jars, Store It Jars and Broadway Jars with patterned lids, all of which are on sale, work just as well for eye-catching counter display purposes.

Everything Looks Better and Is Better In Glass

Glass is timeless and trendy. It’s also versatile, durable, infinitely recyclable and practical. Regardless of its shape – glass bottles and jars – it's the best way to store. And if that’s not enough, glass is the only packaging with proven health benefits. It’s for all these reasons that the best things come in glass and, of course, good reason to get to the annual Consol Shop Red Hot Sale at The Consol Shop Woodmead.

Consol provides products in any quantity and the sale is no exception. There are no limits placed on per person sale quantities purchased in-store (while stocks last). Selected décor items will also be on sale at hard-to-beat prices. For more information, visit the Consol website, or go to FacebookTwitter or Instagram

Please remember: Glass products will crack if exposed to extreme heat or cold and should not, therefore, be stored in a freezer, or heated in an oven or in a microwave – unless the tag/packaging states otherwise. Consol bottles and jars are dishwasher safe but cleaning with abrasives should be avoided. They are not suitable for carbonated products either.

* Ipsos Khayabus Research, November 2013

What To Expect At The Consol Store's Red Hot Sale

Wondering which Consol products you can expect to be on sale at the Red Hot Sale? Check out what's in store for you below. And best of all, there are no limits placed on per person sale quantities purchased in-store. Head to The Consol Shop Woodmead and get you hands on these pretties.

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WIN A Consol Hamper Filled With Glass Goodies

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