State 5 In Greenside Just Changed Coffee Forever

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Since opening in January 2016, State 5 coffee has become a major game changer to the coffee world as we know it. What’s so special about State 5 you ask? Why, only five tiny life-altering words: Cold Brewed Coffee On Tap. What does that mean apart from the fact that you can literally have your java poured from a draught tap at 07:00 every day of the week?

What Is State 5 All About?

Cold Brew Coffee

In a nutshell (or coffee bean) cold brew is created by steeping coarsely ground beans in room temperature water for up to 20 hours. All good things come to those who patiently wait for this process. Not only does it render the brew less acidic, but also entices the essential oils and flavours to come out to play. If that isn’t enough for you, then get this: the caffeine content is four times more than that of a regular old pot of brew. Sold yet?

Humble Origins

Denis Vaden, the owner and enabler, jokes that he is creating addicts as we all line up to get our cups filled. The cafe’s modern décor is comprised of dark, textured wood and ever so slightly hipster colours. But, this is a far cry from its humble origins in Denis’ garage, which was occupied by only two bags of coffee beans and one lone scale.

Today, Denis imports beans from Ethiopia, Guatemala and Columbia, which he roasts on site. He is driven by the endless search for that perfect cup of coffee that he believes he will never find. This is perfectly alright by us because we never want him to stop searching!

State 5

What's On The Menu?

Even the non-believers are spoiled for choice at State 5. There are the age-old staples like hot chocolate and tea, but with never-before-seen twists. Salted caramel, hazelnut and almond all sit well with me.

Their food selection is also fantastic. Hearty breakfasts, gyros, freshly prepared salads; the wholesome goodness is tangible. My personal delight is the pulled pork grilled cheese on rye. Dripping with cheese, dressed with sauerkraut, jalapenos, peppadews and its own side salad. I managed to make space to eat an entire bowl of shoestring fries as well… and nope, I am not sorry for a second about that decision.

State 5

Sharing is caring

State 5's advertising is supported by a neat idea called Pay It Forward. You get a “postcard” (which includes a coffee on it, of of course) and write to a friend . Then pop the card onto the designated cork board on the wall, take a snap and post it on Facebook with your friend tagged in it. They can then go to State 5, present the photo and in return for their efforts, be rewarded with the glorious coffee that you 'got' them.

I am hoping to be tagged in a few photos soon!

Find more information here.

Images by Shawn Greyling

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  1. I've been to State 5 in P.E. a few times now. A regular stop every time I go to P.E. for business... I'm a coffee lover, addict, aficionado. By far the best in the industry 🙂

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