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Home is where the heart is. It’s an extension of ourselves and who we are. Just like how we alter and change our style and follow the latest trends as the seasons change, we do the same for our home. And if the winds of change are already whispering décor inspiration and ideas into your ear (autumn is coming, after all), then we know just the place to get you started on redecorating your space – Edgars Home.

There’s Something For Every Room, Every Style, Every Life Stage

Whether you’re hosting something special in the near future, need to replace a few things in your home, looking to give your home a little bit of a makeover or have changed your own personal style recently, Edgars Home has something for each room, any style, and all life stages.

Since the kitchen, bathroom and living room are the considered the “communal” spaces in the home (everyone uses them – family and guests), we thought we’d start on sharing ideas for these three spaces. You can shop Private Collection Kitchen, Bathroom & Décor in-store or online at www.edgars.co.za.


Get-Togethers In The Kitchen

Ladies, sharing a little bit of gossip about so-and-so’s falling out with her bestie in the middle of a crowded mall isn’t juicy unless it’s discussed over a hot cup of tea or coffee, sitting around the kitchen table. Hmmm, but by the looks of those mugs in your cupboard, it’s time to replace them with newer, more vibrant and unique ones! Edgars offers a lovely selection of mugs to suit your style, personality and budget. Click here to see their Private Collection.


Fluff Out The Bathroom

There’s nothing more comforting, soothing and soft than big, fluffy and luxurious towels. A new season is on the horizon, so why not swap out your current towels with brand-new ones from Edgars’ Private Collection. There’s a selection of hand, bath and beach towels as well as face cloths to choose from. And if you’re looking to get super luxurious, pick the lush ones!


Kick Back & Relax In The Living Room

After a long day after office, all you want to do is plop down on the couch, sit back, relax, read the weekly paper or a book, or perhaps just watch a few episodes of your favourite show on Netflix. You know, chill out and unwind. Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood of a room, so to promote relaxation, we suggest some new lamps. Edgars has just the thing for your lighting needs – lampshades, lamp bases, lamp sets and more – except the lightbulbs, sorry.


For More Information

For more information about Edgars Home and what else they have in store for you to decorate your home with, visit www.edgars.co.za.

Also, don’t forget to give them a follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep in loop with the latest news, offers and sales.

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