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Spooky Halloween Treats For Kids

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With Halloween on it's way, parents all over the city will be looking for ways to delight their kids with creepy, crawly spookiness. So we found some spooky Halloween treats for the kids, that will terrify and horror them. Spooky Halloween Treats

Savoury Halloween Treats

Witch's Fingers

This Halloween treat is very simple to make. Simply cut some vienna sausages into finger length pieces. Cut a nail shaped indent out the top. Then make three slits half way down using a knife, being careful not to cut right through. Boil the sausages for a bit. To add to the look, cut some "nails" out of onion and attach to the sausage with tomato sauce. Check out Salty Canary for the recipe and instructions.

Spider Web Pizza

This pizza makes a wonderfully spooky dinner, or make mini pizzas for an adorably creepy starter. This recipe is made by loading tomato sauce onto a pizza base, with added cheese in the shape of a web. Make a creepy spider out of olives and place on the web. Woman's Day has an easy and convenient recipe.

Witch's Cauldron

This realistic looking cauldron is simply made of a cheese ball, rolled in poppy seeds and topped with mashed avo. To make it appear as if it's still brewing, place it on a few pretzel sticks with some sliced red, yellow and orange peppers to represent a fire. Kids will love this because it's tasty and healthy too. Find the recipe at Hungry Happenings.

Witch's Broomsticks

Most kids adore cheese and pretzels, so this recipe will go down a treat. And it looks great too. It is made by attaching a piece of semi hard cheese to a pretzel stick with a chive string. The flavours and textures go together perfectly. This may take some patience, so it's best to get older kids to help out. Get the details from Mom Foodie.

Eyeball Eggs

To make this, simply whip up a batch of deviled eggs, add a slice of olive and decorate with red pepper slivers. To make it even more spooky, add some avo, herbs or green food colouring to the egg yolk mixture and use green olives as the pupils. The Spruce Eats has a delicious recipe.

Spider Pizza

Sweet Halloween Treats

Cemetery Cake

A cemetery cake is the ultimate Halloween dessert, for kids and adults alike. This chocolate cake is covered in cookie crumb "dirt" and scattered with meringue ghosts and biscuit grave stones. Add an extra touch with some jelly earthworms. But be warned, these look like the real deal.

Brain Cupcakes

For an ooey gooey Halloween treat, why not make a batch of icky brain cupcakes? These can be made with your favourite cupcake recipe or you can buy some ready made muffins. Then pipe some icing on and cover in pink syrup. As an alternative to the corn syrup, try using some warmed strawberry jam. The Simple - Sweet Life has a nifty tutorial.

Ghost Pops

These fearsome cake pops are bound to scare anyone. The recipe involves mixing cake crumbs with icing. This mixture is then shaped and dipped into white chocolate. Use chocolate or an edible black marker to draw on some frightening features and you have a chilling dessert. Find the recipe on Baking Mad.

Spider Cookies

Try these cookies if your Halloween isn't spine-chilling enough. The recipe uses ready made Oreos, but you can replace these with your own dark chocolate cookie recipe. Cut some black licorice into legs and attach these to the Oreo filling. Then glue some M&Ms to the cookie with some icing, and you have an unnerving treat.

Mummy Pastries

These mummy shaped pies are filled with peanut butter and jam. For this recipe, you'll need to make a simple pie crust, fill it with peanut butter and jam and then wrap it like a mummy. Once baked, attach some eyes. And your yummy, yet daunting, Halloween treats are ready.

Ghost Pop

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