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Spots That Love Your Skin Enough To Butter It Up With Care

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We always have to take care of our bodies as best possible, which is why nourishing our skin is key as the seasons change and challenge us... Skin

It's so easy to neglect your body the more you get busy and priorities shift, this includes your skin. This is why we figured we should explore these amazing spots that will help us get a step closer to feeding your skin again. A bit of love is all it needs.

Why You Need A Bit Of Skin Love?

As much as you may go to gym and do whatever helps you feel like "my skin looks so much better". Seasons change, and that can be stressful for your skin. Thus causing dullness, acne and many more other confidence diminishing things that your skin can surprise you with.

Sometimes you get to a point where you look in the mirror and ask yourself; what is happening? Okay, maybe we're exaggerating this matter but everyone is different and as we know "different strokes for different folks". We have to really get to know ourselves to get a point where we know what works.

Lastly, we need to break the stereotype that women are the only people who take care of their skin so ladies and gents - this one is for all of you.

With all that said, let's check out these spots to get you closer to that glowing skin...


Beauty Factory

Beauty Factory, more like beauty heaven. This amazing spot was established in 2011, soon they will be running for more than 10 years and we get why.

Entering any of their stores is just amazing, they have ample variety and the amazing scent really allows your shopping experience to be a blossom and relaxing one. They also have some of their products in most of the Edgars stores so you can visit a branch to give your skin some good loving.

Their products are environmentally friendly and no animal testing is encouraged by Beauty Factory. The ultimate stand out product has to be their champagne looking foam bath, it catches everyone's attention.


The Body Shop

Body Shop is an ultimate favourite for many, and do we wonder why? Not so much really. They cater more than just skin products (you can give your hair some love too) so do check out their products.

This spot prides themselves in finding the finest ingredients to make their product stand out using touch and aroma products. They also have amazing, to die for gifting packs that will be received with joy, undoubtedly.

With easy access, you can find The Body Shop stores anywhere with convenience so don't deprive yourself of goodness they have to offer.


Naked Cherry

Naked Cherry is a wax focused brand that focuses on products for both men and women. Their products are very much about the root of getting your skin and body feeling and looking great.

Just to give you an idea of what they are about, they have very focused products for things such as ingrowns, toning, hydrating and more.

You can find their products in some of the boutiques that are listed on their website so do visit them.

Now is the time Joburg, to get that glow back, to conquer thy acne and blemishes and give your skin some love.

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