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Shopping in Melville

Shopping in Melville

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Clothing, accessories, secondhand books - any of that tickle your fancy? If you enjoy shopping in all of its forms, Melville is your next shopping destination.  shopping in Melville

Melville is a trendy shopper's dream destination. As a historical suburb known for its bohemian appeal, the shops in Melville tend to reflect this at all times, from the facade to the items they sell. If you're in need of retail therapy, it's time to go shopping!

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Shopping Centres
Independent Stores

Shopping Centres

Bamboo Centre

The Bamboo Centre is a petite and attractive shopping centre in Melville overlooking the Melville Koppies. The Bamboo Centre is one of the first buildings you will see as you enter Melville, and has long been the venue of the boutique Bamboo Gallery. Enjoy browsing for a good read at Love Books, or sit down for a coffee and a bite at Service Station. Does your wardrobe need an upgrade? Convoy will be sure to have clothing or accessories to suit any taste. 

Visit Bamboo Centre.

27 Boxes

27 Boxes is a unique shopping centre on 4th Street in Melville. Constructed from recycled shipping containers, 27 Boxes showcases a vibrant and trendy blend of local businesses. You can shop a wide selection of artisan foods, local fashion and curated design, all while taking in the splendid views of the area. Visitors can also enjoy a children's park as well as an open air amphitheatre, while secure public parking can be accessed via 4th Ave.

Visit 27 Boxes.

shopping centres in Melville

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Independent Stores

Clyde On 4th

Clyde On 4th first opened its doors 20 years ago, and has been going strong since. Their main objective is to aid collectors of Georgian, Art Nouveau, Art-Deco and 1950s objects. If you enjoy browsing through beautiful knick-knacks, vintage jewelry and antique silverware, Clyde On 4th will be your perfect haunt. Clyde is known for personal service and dedication to his trade, so if there's a specific piece you're after, make sure to fill in a collector's advice form while you're there.

Visit Clyde On 4th.


Convoy is a collaborative retail space in the Bamboo Centre, Melville. This space operates as a collaborative project composed of proudly South African designers, with each unique designer's work equally showcased. They primarily sell high quality, locally-made fashion, accessories, merchandising and other apparel.

Visit Convoy.

Junkie Charity Store

Junkie is a charity store in Melville, currently on 7th street, that was established in 2010. If you're a fan of everything thrifted, boy is Junkie the place for you! As a charity store, Junkie primarily sells secondhand goods accepted as donations from the public and businesses. All proceeds generated from the sale of these donations are donated to a charity of the donor's choice. So, you may need to sift through some odd (but fun) items to get to the hidden gems, that's just part of the magic of thrift shopping, isn't it? And you're contributing to a good cause in the process. We'd call that a win-win!

Visit Junkie Charity Store.

Love Books

Love Books is an independent book store located in the Bamboo Centre, Melville. They offer a wonderful, curated selection of books for book lovers of all ages. Also available as an event venue, Love Books is the perfect place to host book launches and book clubs. Got little ones? Love Books offers story time every Saturday at 10am for children. Make sure to check out their gorgeous selection of journals, handmade cards, international magazines and Joostenberg's delicious wines from the old family farm in Stellenbosch. Make sure to bring your Love Books loyalty punch card!

Visit Love Books.

Snow Lion Artefacts

A favourite among Melville's holistic shopping crowd, Snow Lion Artefacts stocks gorgeous authentic Tibetan and Nepalese crafts. Sourced from communities and individuals in support of the Tibetan People's refugees situation, Snow Lion is a more than worthy cause to support. If you're not feeling quite so zen, Snow Lion has everything you'd ever need to get your chakras realigned and back in action. 

Visit Snow Lion Artefacts. 

independent shopping in Melville

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