A Step In The Right Direction With These Shoe Spots

Shoe Spots

Ever been "maddened"? Well! You're just about to be...

Steve Madden

Anyone who knows a good shoe, has surely been a victim of this style genius. Steve Madden is the ultimate shoe spot to give you the perfect finishing touch. This brand has been serving edgy, stylish and stand-out shoes for over 20 years. Talk about getting better with time — and here we were thinking that phrase only applies to wine!

Steve blessed the South African shores in 2011 and the whole country was shook, best believe that! They are still one of the best in helping you literally put your best foot forward.

Shoe Spots

Tsonga South Africa

The Tsonga language happens to be one of Mzansi's official languages and, unsurprisingly, it has inspired the fashion industry. Introducing, Tsonga South Africa — an African inspired quality shoe and bag brand. This spot will have you smiling from ear to ear because they boast a wide range of shoes, from what they call "Tslops" (better known as Flip Flops) to boots and heels. They are in love with leather so if you are weak for that kind of material, this is definitely the place to visit!

Shoe Spots


Of course, we couldn't leave out sneakers. I mean, the sneakerheads would have us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. LOL! Then again, what is a wardrobe without a good pair of unique sneakers? So, we had to talk about Shelflife — people hear the name and they are already weak at the knees. This sneaker hub boasts a humongous range of authentic kicks. They have tons to choose from, so just a heads up: you will be well spoiled for choice. Situated in one the most artistic hubs of Joburg, Keyes Art Mile. They fit right in with the vibe that Rosebank is bringing to town.

Shoe Spots

Europa Art

Many would say, "Shoes are a work of Art" and I am most certain that Europa Art would agree with this statement. This shoe spot brings you an experience to remember as soon as you enter their store. It's a magical world where Cinderella probably could have found her shoe had she not had a prince to claim her. "Designer" is the signature of shoes you will find here, for both men and women. This includes brands such as Schutz and Melina. Can I just also add that, with professional assistance to get you the perfect fit, their service is top notch.

Shoe Spots

Tread + Miller

I'm a classic man, calling on me like young OG, I'm a classic man. Ok! Enough with the singing, but I couldn't help myself because it was the first thing I thought of when I heard Tread + Miller. Ladies, you are not left out at all. This gem sells shoes for both ladies and gents. Their saying is "We are people who are passionate about shoes. We live and breathe leather and laces." This pretty much explains all that you need to know about this place that exudes style and elegance. Their Rosebank store is amazing (and ladies, the assistance is a yummy one, too!).

Best get to stepping!

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