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When We SeaFood Restaurants, We Eat Food

When We SeaFood Restaurants, We Eat Food

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Seafood is probably the best thing you can do for your health and just life in general. Check out these cool seafood places in Joburg...

One thing that Joburgers really struggle with is getting a good place that will serve them the best seafood fresh out of the sea because guess what, we don't have a sea. So we have made sure that we find some of the best seafood places you can go to when you really want to enjoy good food.

To our luck, Joburg is filled with people that love food so there are tons of amazing restaurants from the East to the North, South and West to make sure that you get your seafood fix. We're not talking about fast food joints, we're talking actual restaurants where you can enjoy a full meal with the choice of a starter, main, snack and even dessert.

Whether you're looking for the old traditional battered fish caressed by lemon and tartar sauce or you are you looking for the variety that comes with exploring some delicious sushi, you will definitely find it in Johannesburg.

Let's explore a few places that can give you the best seafood and more...

Say Hello Sea...

Seafood Spots Johannesburg


In case you didn't know, the Greek love seafood and the place to find exactly what you are looking for is Plaka. They are not your average restaurant.

This vibrant restaurant inspires you to be appetised by the combination of their blue and white colour coordination and their ever so generous menu. The Plaka menu boasts with so much variety, you won't even know where to begin.

They have two branches currently, in Cresta and Eastgate so you have more chance to indulge in their amazing food.

Seafood Spots Johannesburg

Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill

Right when you thought it couldn't get better, Farenheit came along and blessed us with amazing seafood and we were hooked.

This family restaurant boasts with 3 branches - Edenvale, Benoni and Alberton. So you can take the whole family and go have a good time somewhere in the East (or the South depending on how you view Alberton). This is also such a cosy spot for a romantic dinner too.

Their most dominant is Kingklip so if you want to try something with a twist, this is it.

Seafood Spots Johannesburg


As far as wedding venues go, you wouldn't randomly think that you would randomly think of vising one to have a good seafood dish, but Buitengeluk will change your mind.

This amazing venue with the most beautiful garden has become slip off the tongue for their famous basil pesto crusted kingklip. This beautiful fish is served on a bed of vegetables and noodles hugged in sour cream sauce.

It is most certainly a dish worth travelling for.

Seafood Spots Johannesburg

Momo Baohaus

If all you need is just a good platter of sushi, then you have just found your slice of heaven at Momo Baohaus.

Momo is situated in the bustling burb in Greenside and they have the best sushi around so if you are not planning on going the traditional route then this is a spot you must visit.

If that is not variety folks, I don't know what is.


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