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Schools in Waterfall

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Waterfall is first and foremost a family-orientated suburb. So, don’t fret about finding a good school for your little ones in the area because there are plenty of top-quality pre-primary, primary, high school, and tertiary institutions in Waterfall. Schools in Waterfall

Waterfall Estate is one of the fastest emerging communities in Gauteng. As many young families have moved into the area, so the need for schools has increased. Luckily, there are two top-class private institutions situated within the suburb, perfect to cater for your child’s every need. University students interested in studying education will also be pleased to know that there is a newly-established school of education in Waterfall as well. So, whether you’re looking for a pre-school centre for your toddler or a brilliant secondary school for your teens, this is the suburb for you.

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Pre-Primary Schools In Waterfall

Curro Castle

Let's get you started on your search for Schools in Waterfall, shall we? Curro Castle Waterfall is an independently run nursery and early childhood care centre. The school caters to kiddies aged 2 to 5, specialising in early learning developing and preparing their students for the transition to ‘big school’. Curro Castle offers small class sizes and play-based learning as well, to ensure your child’s success.

Visit Curro Castle.

Reddam House Waterfall – Early Learning School

Reddam House is an internationally-acclaimed independent school. Their early learning centre caters to children aged 1 – 6, offering little ones the chance to learn through exploration, creativity, and play. The school also offers several after school activities including Soccer Starz, Dance Tots, Hip Hop and Modern Dance, Lego Club, Eco Tinkers, Cricket, Pottery, Drama, Kidi-Sportz, Gina’s Cake Lounge, Wellness Yoga and Music lessons.

Visit Reddam House Waterfall.

Primary Schools In Waterfall

Curro Waterfall Primary School

Curro Waterfall is an English-medium independent school specialising in STEAM subjects, helping to prepare your child for the 21st century job market. The school equally values their learners academic and personal development, encouraging creative expression and independent thinking. Enroll your child now to begin fostering a deep love of learning and experimentation in them.

Visit Curro Waterfall.

Reddam House Preparatory School

Reddam House Preparatory School is a co-educational and non-denominational learning centre. Their classes are limited to 25 learners, ensuring that your child is offered close attention and a personal relationship with their teachers. If you are looking for a caring and compassionate school environment for your child, Reddam House Waterfall is ideal.

Visit Reddam House Waterfall.

high schools in Midrand

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High Schools In Waterfall

Curro Waterfall High School

Does your child have a particular in science, mathematics, or IT? Curro Waterfall High School is the place for them! Here they will be carefully nurtured towards their final IEB examinations, offering them the best chance at attending the university of their choice. The school first opened in 2017 and has since been gradually phasing in their higher grades. Their first grade 12 class will matriculate in 2022, so be sure to look out for their results.

Visit Curro Waterfall High School.

Reddam House College

Reddam House College is split into Middle School (grade 7 – 9) and High School classes (grade 10 – 12). The school has a proud record of achieving a 100% Matric pass rate since 2015. An integral part of the Waterfall community, Reddam House College produces well-rounded students who go on to attend many of South Africa’s prestigious universities. Reddam House College is one of the top Schools in Waterfall.

Visit Reddam House College.

Tertiary Institutions

STADIO School of Education

STADIO School of Education (formerly Embury Institute for Higher Education) is one of the premier tertiary institutions for teachers in training. With space to train 1,700 new teachers per year, this private institution is pioneering a new generation of educators. If you are passionate about teaching and are looking for a practical, hands-on learning experience, STADIO is where you should be.

Visit STADIO School of Education.

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