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Schools In Rosebank

Schools In Rosebank

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From the starting blocks of pre-school to graduating from a college with a diploma, Rosebank offers a collection of educational facilities to ensure your children get a head start in pursuing their career dreams.  book-with-green-board-background-jcomp

Get started on looking for the perfect school for your child below. There are a few great options within the suburb of Rosebank and surrounds from pre-schools and primary schools to renowned high schools and tertiary education institutes.

What Are You Looking For? 

Primary Schools
High Schools
Tertiary Institutions


Little Ashford Pre-School Rosebank

Little Ashford Pre-School Rosebank offers parents and their children positive educational environment which focuses on nurturing various skills through different activities, including literacy and mathematics. They cater for children from 3 months of age to Grade 00 and R. Little Ashford Rosebank excels in providing the best pre-school education for your child.

Visit Little Ashford Pre-School Rosebank.

Golden Generation Montessori School

Golden Generation Montessori School is dedicated to providing families and children with a high quality educational programme for them to thrive. Their programmes integrate Maria Montessori's philosophy to create an enriching curriculum and exciting learning environment. Each child is provided with their own unique age-appropriate education, based on their own needs, natural abilities and desire to learn. Children are encouraged to progress at their own pace and share enriching experiences.

Visit Golden Generation Montessori School.

Opti Baby Rosebank

Opti Baby Rosebank offers parents a place of well being and joy for their young children. Here, your children will thrive, grow, enjoy learning and develop skills to cope in an ever-changing world. Opti Baby Rosebank focuses on play based learning in a caring and nurturing environment, and provides a combination of world class early childhood development (ECD) integrated into daycare. They cater for children as young as 6 weeks to 5 years old at their wonderful, secure, and convenient facilities.

Visit Opti Baby Rosebank.


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Primary Schools

Rosebank Primary School

Established in 1906, the Rosebank Primary School on Jellicoe Avenue has become a staple part of the history of the suburb. The school caters to all educational aspects including academics, cultural activities (Art Club, Help2read, homework classes and media), sports (athletics, cricket, cross country, KFC mini cricket, netball and soccer), as well as ballet and language therapy. They also offer aftercare.

Visit Rosebank Primary School.

Rand Tutorial College

Catering for students between Grades 0 to 12, Rand Tutorial College (RTC) is a progressive, open private school committed to excellence in education. Providing smaller classes, a safe and happy learning environment, values of caring and mutual respect, as well as dedicated and qualified staff, your children are sure to receive a well-rounded education. RTC strives to develop the potential of its diverse multi-cultural complement of learners by instilling the moral, social and academic skills and knowledge required for service, leadership and personal fulfilment.

Visit Rand Tutorial College.

Bellavista School 

Bellavista School in Birdhaven, just six minutes away from Rosebank, is an independent preparatory school for children who are experiencing specific or generalised learning difficulties. They're a member of The Independent School Association of Southern Africa, The British Dyslexia Association, The International Dyslexia Association and South African Association for Learners with Educational Differences. Apart from a genuine, deep sense of care for each and every student, Bellavista School is committed to pursue research-based, cutting-edge intervention strategies that will offer pupils the best possible opportunity of reaching their full potential.

Visit Bellavista School.


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High Schools

St John's College

Although not quite in Rosebank, but quite nearby, is the boys school of St John’s College. Situated in Houghton, just a 9 minute drive from the centre of Rosebank, this world-class Christian African school accepts boys from Grade 0 to Grade 12. This education facility has a well-known reputation for excellence, focusing on strong commitment to academia, a diverse and rich extra-curricular cultural and sporting programme, to produce well-rounded individuals who are enthusiastic, tolerant and resilient.

Visit St John's College.

St Teresa's School

St Teresa’s School is an all-girls school in Rosebank and has become a much-respected private education institute. They pride themselves on their unique traditions and successes measured by the outstanding students. The school teaches Grade 00 to Grade 12. You can find the Junior Primary in Craighall Park, while the Senior Primary and the High School share the lovely grounds in Keyes Avenue. Throughout the years, the school has maintained the traditional values of service, faith, integrity, compassion and personal excellence. Every girl who has been a pupil at this school is known as a Rosie and is a part of the school's Rosie Family for life.

Visit St Teresa's School.

Kingsmead College

Kingsmead College offers an excellent, all-rounded education to girls, and caters to children from Grade 000 to Matric. This school attracts a diverse environment where girls will enjoy developing their academic, as well as sporting and cultural potential. Your daughter will be able to experience a well-balanced individualised school career that's aimed at enhancing development in a nurturing and inspiring environment. Kingsmead respects the individuality of each student, while embracing an ethos of respect and care for others.

Visit Kingsmead College.

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Tertiary Institutions

Rosebank College

The IIE Rosebank College delivers quality tertiary education to students. Their selection of accredited qualifications have a strong technological-fo​cus, allowing their students to thrive in today’s advanced working world. Depending on how much time you have available, you can choose to study part-time, full-time or through online learning at any of their campuses established throughout the country. ​Take your pick from courses in many various faculties, including Commerce, Information and Communications Technology, Humanities and Social Sciences and Education. Also, their diverse campus life lets students take part in a range of cultural, sport and social activities.

Visit Rosebank College.

Capsicum Culinary Studio Rosebank Campus

Interested in building a career in the culinary industry? Then visit and enroll at the Capsicum Culinary Studio. You can find one of their six campuses in Rosebank! Here, students learn from and collaborate with talented chef lecturers who have experience working in world-class establishments. Study on campus either full- or part-time and access weekly lectures, practical demonstrations and skills applications in a fully-equipped, professional environment. Being in the heart of Rosebank, this education facility offers students convenience and access to trendy restaurants and hotels in the area.

Visit the Capsicum Culinary Studio Rosebank.

The Private Hotel School Rosebank

Step into the world of hospitality at the Private Hotel School in Rosebank. This campus equips future hospitality leaders with academic knowledge, practical training as well as specialised skills to succeed in the global tourism industries. And together with the Capsicum Culinary Studio, students will have access and learn from a wealth of knowledge, global experience and customer orientated attitudes. The facility is internationally minded, and promotes and celebrates diversity and understanding among their students, academic team, industry partners and the communities.

Visit The Private Hotel School.

LETA South Africa

LETA is an innovative language institute based at The Firs in Rosebank. LETA's aim is to assist in navigating cultural obstacles and improving English skills in the environment of international business. This facility offers an entry point for anyone, regardless of age and experience, seeking to learn English or improve on their existing language skills. Enroll for one of their industry-specific courses and develop advanced communications skills for presentations, negotiations and public speaking. Alongside language training, LETA also offers creative learning experiences for native English speakers.

Visit LETA South Africa.


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