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Moving to the tight knit suburb of Parkhurst and need to find schools nearby for your children? Not a problem, there are a handful of nursery and primary schools, as well as some exciting extra mural options if your child would like to also excel outside of the classroom! schools in Midrand

Parkhurst offers parents a small selection of schools within the area, providing children with only the best education possible to ensure a great start to their future. And since Parkhurst is a little suburb, there are only a handful of schools ranging from pre-school and primary schools to extra mural classes that's sure to delight.

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Primary Schools
Extra Mural Classes


Greenpark Nursery

Begin your children's journey into education at Greenpark Nursery School. This school has been operating for over 50 years and is a full-fledged, custom-built education facility. Here, children are well prepared for the move from pre-school to primary school, giving them a solid foundation on which to grow into well adjusted individuals. And not only do the children learn here, but so do the parents! There's a parents course that helps support moms and dads through the challenging yet rewarding journey of parenthood.

Visit Greenpark Nursery.

Little House Montessori

Located on 18th Street in Parkhurst, the Little House Montessori is a small and dedicated Montessori pre-school that caters to children aged between 2 to 6 years old. Here, you're little ones will develop their essential skills while also having fun and learning the basics to get them ready for 'big school'. They thoroughly prepare children for formal schooling with their Grade 0 programme. This pre-school focuses on the individual needs of each child, and also offers education and fun learning on a wide range of interests and abilities found within their school group of children.

Visit Little House Montessori.

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Little Star Montessori

And just a few streets up from the Little House Montessori is the Little Star Montessori, located on 15th Street in Parkhurst. This school also caters for children aged between 2.5 to 6 years old and ensures your children get the best start into their schooling journey. Just like all of the Montessori schools throughout the country, this school focuses on each individual child, their own development, as well as their own personal interests and abilities. Here, children will learn at their own pace while engaging the building blocks of knowledge and education.

Visit Little Star Montessori.

Primary Schools

Virtual Schools South Africa

Looking for a home schooling solution? Then be sure to visit Virtual Schools South Africa. This facility offers parents and their children a refreshing new way to learn and build their knowledge in the digital age. Virtual Schools have put together a variety of blended learning solutions ideal for learners from grades R – 12. All of their educational solutions are fully compliant with the South African curriculum standards. Their schooling solutions are all flexible, affordable and of the highest quality.

Visit Virtual Schools South Africa.


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Parkhurst Primary

You can find Parkhurst Primary School on 15 Street. This school caters to children in the grades R through to 7. Other than providing your child with a strong educational foundation that'll see them through to high school, there are also a variety of extra mural activities to ensure they receive a holistic education that ranges from academics to sports and culture. Extra mural activities include mini cricket, netball, soccer, archery, speech and drama, dance, chess and athletics.

Visit Parkhurst Primary School.

Extra Mural Classes

Guppies & Goggles Swim School

Looking to teach your children how to swim? Then why not let Guppies & Goggles help! Here, they will teach your children how to take to the water confidently in an outdoor heated pool. They cater to children of all ages. Also, with water being a sensory environment, the instructor/teacher incorporates sensory activities into the swimming classes to help develop the swimmer's skills in the pool. They work at each individual child’s pace and slowly build their confidence to swim.

Visit Guppies & Goggles. 

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The Russian School of Ballet SA

The Russian School of Ballet SA aims to inspire each of their students to reach their ballet dreams. This school teaches and passes their knowledge, expertise and the Vaganova ballet technique to each of their dancers, ensuring each learner receives thorough training in Russian ballet and dance. Their equipped, top-quality studios, complete with a wall of mirrors, spring floors with Harlequin Studio mats, offers the perfect environment for aspiring dancers to learn the Vaganova Ballet Method.

Visit The Russian School of Ballet SA.

Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre

Are your children interesting in learning martial arts? Then be sure to visit the Chinese Martial Arts and Health Centre in Parkhurst. They have been teaching traditional styles of Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Chi Gung since 1986 at their various centres throughout the country. You can find their Parkhurst centre on 10th Street. Here, you can find beginners Kung Fu and Kung Fu kids classes. You can also join in on the fun if you'd like like to join in on the fun. Not only is this a great workout for all, but is also the perfect class for defense purposes.

Visit the Chinese Martial Arts & Health Centre. 


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