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Schools in Newtown

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Newtown is at the centre of tertiary arts education. If you’re interested in a career in theatre, film, photography, or curation, this is the place for you. Let’s explore the schools and education offers in the area to help you find your ideal fit.

When you consider Johannesburg’s top school districts, Newtown may not immediately spring to mind. However, with recent housing and retail developments, this quirky suburb is fast becoming more family-friendly and education oriented. Newtown is also home to the renowned Market Laboratory and Market Photo Workshop, offering premium tertiary education in the arts to many young hopefuls. Read on if you’re interested in a career in the arts sector but haven’t quite been able to find the right qualification or institution for your needs.

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Pre-Primary Schools
Tertiary Institutions

Pre-Primary Schools

ECLAH Pre-School

Many young families are finding their forever homes in Newtown. ECLAH Pre-School caters to the educational needs of these young families by providing top quality pre-school education to children aged two to six years old. Established in 1995, ECLAH Pre-School has a long history of guiding young minds to reach their full potential. If you’ve been considering moving to Newtown, but have been wary of the limited schooling options, here is your solution. Enrol your little one at ECLAH Pre-School to give them the best chance at excelling at “big school” and beyond.

Visit ECLAH Pre-School.

pre-primary schools in Newtown

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Tertiary Institutions

Market Laboratory

The Market Laboratory is one of the top theatre training schools in Johannesburg. If you’ve always dreamed of a career on stage, then this is the school for you. The Market Laboratory also trains aspiring artists and actors to produce, direct and write their own stage works. This comprehensive education has helped produce some of South Africa’s top performing artists. Follow in their footsteps by registering for a short course or full-time studies at the Market Laboratory.

Visit the Market Laboratory.

Market Photo Workshop

The Market Photo Workshop is situated within the Newtown Cultural Precinct. This training centre has produced many top photographers, photo journalists and exhibiting artists. Whether you are fresh out of high school or looking for a career change, the Market Photo Workshop offers courses for all kinds of skill levels and specialties. Enroll yourself as soon as possible to learn all the secrets of photography and live out your dreams. Cameras at the ready? Let’s go!

Visit the Market Photo Workshop.

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