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Midrand is home to a vast number of public and private schools. If you're on the lookout for a new school for your child in the Midrand area, read on! schools in Midrand

It doesn't matter whether your child is a tiny tot, a precocious pre-teen, or a high-achieving teenager. If you're searching for a school in the Midrand area, you are bound to find the right fit for them. There is an unbelievable variety of schools to be found here. So settle in, and keep reading!

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Primary Schools
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Pre-Primary Schools

Kyalami Estates Pre-Primary (KEPP)

Located in the secure Kyalami Estates, KEPP is a pre-primary school in Midrand for children aged from 3 months to 5 years old. KEPP has been operating since 2001 and follows a step-by-step, milestone-based curriculum. Their emphasis on developmental stimulation and nurturing activities makes KEPP a fun and safe environment for your child. All spaces are colour-coded and scaled for child-friendliness, and school is also open during the holidays!

Visit Kyalami Estates Pre-Primary (KEPP).

Midrand Montessori

Adhering to the Montessori educational philosophy, Midrand Montessori is a pre-school that aims to help children discover their potential through a stimulating and enticing environment. Catering for children between the ages of 3 months and 12 years, Midrand Montessori will help to ensure their development into confident, intelligent and successful individuals.

Visit Midrand Montessori.

345 Nursery School, Midrand

345 Nursery School, Midrand aims to provide a safe, secure and fun-loving support structure for you and your child. They strive to provide the best early childhood development and education that your child needs, and that you as a parent want them to receive. 345 Nursery School places heavy emphasis on sports and extramural activities, and run a spectacular variety of fun sporting events and interests.

Visit 345 Nursery School, Midrand.

pre-primary schools in Midrand

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Primary Schools

Carlswald House Prep

Carlswald House Prep is a division of 345 Nursery School, and as such focuses on a loving and nurturing, positive attitude towards teaching. The atmosphere at Carlswald Prep is relaxed - after all, the idea is that learning should be fun! Teachers and learners will often deviate from the curriculum to capitalise on incidental learning opportunities.

Visit Carlswald House Prep.

Jubilate Primary School 

Jubilate Primary is a private primary school in Crowthorne, Midrand. Classes are small, with a maximum of 24 pupils per class. There is a wide range of subjects at Jubilate Primary, as well as a large variety of extramural activities. Students can participate in sports or athletics, as well as additional activities such as dancing, golf or chess. Aftercare, holiday programmes, and remedial assistance are also available where needed.

Visit Jubilate Primary School. 

Reddford House Blue Hills

Reddford House Blue Hills is a Junior and Senior Preparatory School in Midrand for primary school students ranging from Grade 1 to 7. The primary aim at Reddford House is to equip their students with the tools to be confident, independent and responsible individuals. The development of a positive work ethic and attitude towards study is key, and this is developed throughout the Junior and Senior phases.

Visit Reddford House Blue Hills.

primary schools in Midrand

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High Schools

Curro Midrand

Curro Midrand provides a balanced academic, cultural and social experience. Their ethos is grounded in forward-thinking and innovation; using technology in the classroom to facilitate collaboration and progress. The Halfway Gardens Campus is an official Microsoft partner school, and learning is conducted with eBooks and tablets.

Visit Curro Midrand.

Glen Austin High School

Technology also takes centre stage at Glen Austin High School, Midrand. This private school is located in a beautiful and secluded setting, and focuses on quality private tuition for every student. Glen Austin is a unique environment, and they offer a broad curriculum for their pupils. Not only is academic achievement emphasised, but overall commitment to lifelong learning and excellence as well.

Visit Glen Austin High School.

PLG Carlswald Academy

PLG Carlswald Academy is a private school in the Carlswald, Midrand area. The Academy offers high quality private tuition to learners in a peaceful country atmosphere, providing affordable and accessible private education to students in Midrand and surrounding areas. Their academic programme is competitive, and they offer a rich timetable of sports and extramural activities, with everything from GLEE to karate, robotics and judo!

Visit PLG Carlswald Academy.

high schools in Midrand

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