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Schools in Melville

Schools in Melville

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Searching around for a school, pre-school or tertiary institution in the Melville area? Look no further! Here is a list of schools around the suburb.  schools in Melville

As Melville is a small suburb, there are only a few schools or institutions of higher learning located directly in Melville. However, there are a number of primary and pre-primary schools in the surrounding suburbs, as well as business schools and other tertiary institutions. Should you be looking to relocate to Melville, this is a great place to start!

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Pre-Primary Schools
Primary Schools
Tertiary Education

Pre-Primary Schools

Melville Montessori

Adhering to the Montessori educational philosophy, Melville Montessori is a pre-school situated at the border between Melville and Westdene. Melville Montessori is an English medium school that aims to help children discover their potential through a stimulating and enticing environment. Catering for children between the ages of 1 and 6 years of age, Melville Montessori will help to ensure their development into confident, intelligent and successful individuals.

Visit Melville Montessori.

Melville Pre-Primary School

Melville Pre-Primary School is a real hidden gem. Tucked away on 5th Street in the heart of Melville itself, Melville Pre-Primary offers a real "home away from home" experience to the children and infants in their care. Offering responsive, hands-on daycare, Melville Pre-Primary provides a kind and loving environment for your child to learn and grow.

Contact Melville Pre-Primary School on 011 726 3402. 

pre-primary schools in Melville

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Primary Schools

Melpark Primary

Melpark Primary is a government school located in Melville, catering for learners from Grades R to 7. The primary language of instruction at Melpark Primary is English, with Afrikaans as first additional language, and Zulu as an Incremental Indigenous Language for Grade 1 and 2. Melpark provides a calm, nurturing and supportive environment for the roughly 700 learners enrolled at the school, and provides them with every opportunity possible to ensure they thrive and succeed.

Visit Melpark Primary.

Orban School

Orban School is a private 'parallel-medium' school located in the residential suburb of Westdene, on the Melville Koppies. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Koppies, Orban aims to provide the academic resources and nurturing environment for your child to succeed. The primary goal at Orban is to provide a multi-dimensional and comprehensive learning experience for all of the children enrolled at the school.

Visit Orban School.

Sparrow School

The Sparrow Foundation School offers accredited teaching for learners in Grades 1 to 7. The Sparrow School offers affordable, quality special needs education to learners unable to access specialised services. The Foundation School provides onsite speech therapists, a social worker, counselors, a remedial therapist and an educational psychologist. These specialised therapists work in conjunction with educators to provide a holistic teaching and learning environment.

Visit Sparrow School.

primary schools in Melville
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Tertiary Education

Johannesburg Business School

While not strictly located in Melville, the Johannesburg Business School is just around the corner in Milpark. A relative newcomer to the business school scene, JBS is part of the University of Johannesburg (UJ). The Johannesburg Business School has been taking a different and fresh approach to business education, and is helping to reduce unemployment in South Africa through their innovative programmes.

Visit The Johannesburg Business School.

Milpark Education

Another slight outlier, Milpark Education is a private educational institution offering business education. Established in 1997, Milpark Education offers a variety of courses and qualifications via distance learning and online learning, as well as traditional contact learning. Offering a high standard of academic education, with high levels of attention paid ethics and diversity, Milpark Education is an excellent choice.

Visit Milpark Education.

University of Johannesburg 

The University of Johannesburg is vast and spread throughout Johannesburg in the form of four campuses. The two campuses closest to Melville are the Auckland Park Kingsway and Auckland Park Bunting Road campuses. Located a stone's throw from Melville, students at the University of Johannesburg have the choice of a broad variety of subjects, and a vibrant student lifestyle.

Visit The University of Johannesburg.

schools in Melville

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