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Schools In Edenvale

Schools In Edenvale

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Edenvale is a well sought after school district, offering education from pre-primary level through to tertiary learning. If you've been considering enrolling your child at a school in Edenvale, read through this list to see what each has to offer in terms of academics, sports and cultural activities.  schools in Edenvale

Edenvale is a large, family-friendly suburb. As such, the area boasts many public and private schools. From pre-school age through to tertiary education, Edenvale offers a wide range of schooling options. Here are some of the very best pre-primary, primary, high schools and colleges in the area.

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Primary Schools
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Tertiary Institutions

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Pre-Primary Schools

Monte Waldi Independent School

Monte Waldi Nursery School is an independent co-educational school for children aged one to six. The school also offers aftercare facilities from grades 0 to 7. Monte Waldi pride themselves on setting a good example for your children. Acting their first teachers, the school aims to help you raise conscientious, caring and confident little people.

Visit Monte Waldi Independent School.

Glenvale Pre-Primary School

Glenvale Pre-Primary School offers classes from Grade 00 to Grade R, catering to children aged three to six. This well reputed pre-primary school has been educating young minds since 2001. Their caring, compassionate attitude towards each child creates a calm and encouraging environment for learning. This is the ideal pre-primary school for little ones anxious about the move from home to 'big school'.

Visit Glenvale Pre-Primary School.

Edenvale Private Nursery School

Edenvale Private Nursery School has been providing top quality pre-primary education for over 20 years. Their highly qualified teachers and assistants are passionate about early childhood development. As such, your child will be encouraged to learn through play and experimentation. This small, private school offers hands on teaching, allowing your child to thrive academically and in their personal development.

Visit Edenvale Private Nursery School.

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Primary Schools

Edenglen Primary School

Edenglen Primary School is a distinguished public school situated in the heart of Edenglen. They are an English medium, co-educational primary school with a student body of over 1,300 learners. Edenglen Primary School offers a friendly, happy atmosphere, where pupils are loved and encouraged to develop to their full potential. The school has a state of the art resource centre, art room and music room, as well as a number of sports fields and courts.

Visit Edenglen Primary School.

Dunvegan Primary School

Dunvegan Primary School was established in 1968, with a student body of 280 and 10 teaching staff. The school has since flourished and is now recognised as one of the top public primary schools in Edenvale. Dunvegan Primary School offers a lively, encouraging school atmosphere, valuing each of its students for their academic, social, cultural and sporting talents. There are a variety of extra murals for students to become involved in, including soccer, tennis, netball, dance, drama, choir and chess.

Visit Dunvegan Primary School.

Eastleigh Primary School

Eastleigh Primary School is one of the oldest schools in Edenvale. Since 1938 the school has provided top quality English language education. The school prides itself on a number of academic, sporting and cultural achievements over the years and continues to encourage its pupils to strive for excellence in all endeavors. Their mission to prepare their students for an ever-changing world by valuing each child's individual strengths and talents.

Visit Eastleigh Primary School.

Curro Edenvale 

Curro Edenvale is an independent school in Highway Gardens, Edenvale that provides high-quality education for learners from Grade R to Grade 9. Offering small class sizes and specialist subjects such as robotics, technology and visual arts, Curro well prepares its students for their final IEB matric examinations and for life afterwards. Each classroom is equipped with state of the art technology and learners are each given tablets to work from rather than textbooks.

Visit Curro Edenvale.

High Schools

School of Merit

The School of Merit is a non-denominational, non-discriminatory, co-educational private primary and high school. The school believes that all children, no matter their difficulties, can succeed both academically and socially. Here your child will be taught at their own pace, using solution focused techniques. Teachers and pupils work collaboratively to find simple solutions to big problems, allowing learners to devise their own way of understanding complex ideas. Their motto is, "If it works, do more of it. If it doesn’t work, do it differently."

Visit the School of Merit.

Holy Rosary School 

Holy Rosary School is the only independent school for girls in Edenvale. The school offers classes from pre-primary age to matric, providing a Christian-based education to its pupils. Holy Rosary School is among the top schools for girls in Johannesburg. Their achievements in academics, sports and cultural activities are numerous. The school offers various school subjects, as well as advanced subjects in Mathematics and English, well equipping students for their tertiary education.

Visit Holy Rosary School.

Success College

Success College is an independent, co-educational primary and high school in Edenvale that aims to equip learners, who have difficulty learning in the traditional school environment, with the knowledge and skills they require to obtain an IEB Matric. The school will soon be phasing in various specialist subjects for grades 10 - 12, such as art, technology, coding and entrepreneurship, providing students with an alternative to traditional academic subjects and preparing them for life after high school.

Visit Success College.

Edenvale High School

Edenvale High School is the public school of choice for many prospective high school learners. Since opening its doors in 1962, the school has achieved consistent success in its academic, sporting and cultural activities. These three pillars are what underpin the school's philosophy, helping to produce well-rounded and enthusiast young adults. Edenvale High School offers a broad range of academic and technical school subjects, including Consumer Studies, Engineering Graphics Design, IT and Visual Art.

Visit Edenvale High School.

Dowerglen High School

Dowerglen High School is an English-medium, co-educational high school located in greater Edenvale. The school's mission is to provide a pleasant school environment and well-maintained facilities where through sport, academic and cultural activities, each learner can develop into a loyal contributing citizen of our country. Their motto, "Knowledge Enlightens", is exemplified in all the school teaches, whether it be academic learning, social skills or life skills.

Visit Dowerglen High School.

Endenglen High School

Edenglen High School enables learners, regardless of their aptitude and abilities, to become enthusiastic and resilient students. The school entrusts its learners to take responsibility for their behaviour at all times, creating a happy and safe learning environment for all. A diverse curriculum enables pupils to thrive in a cohesive, multi-cultural and global society. Students may take a range of academic subjects offered by the school, or choose to follow a technical career path by enrolling for subjects such as Engineering Graphics and Design.

Visit Edenglen High School.

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Tertiary Institutions 

Oakfields College

Prospective university students should note that Oakfields College is situated in Greenstone Hills at Stoneridge Shopping Centre. This private college offers a range of degrees and diplomas in graphic design, fashion design, make-up and special affects for film, musical theatre and dance, marketing and sound engineering. Their classes are small, offering individual attention from lecturers who are often industry professionals themselves.

Visit Oakfields College.

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