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Schools In Bryanston

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The suburb of Bryanston offers parents and their children a wide range of schools to ensure a holistic educational experience that encompasses not only academics, but also sports, arts and culture and other exciting opportunities.  pile-books-pencils-desk-jcomp

Get started on looking for the perfect school for your child below. There are plenty of great educational options within the suburb of Bryanston and surrounds, ranging from pre-schools and primary schools to renowned high schools and tertiary education institutes.

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Primary Schools
High Schools
Tertiary Institutions


Bryanston Montessori

Bryanston Montessori caters to young children aged between 15 months and 6 years. The facility offers various educational programmes including the toddler programme for little ones aged between 5 months to 3 years; the pre-primary programme which prepares them for 'big' school and focuses on subjects such as Language, Maths, Practical Life, Geography, History, Science, Art and Music; plenty of fun extra mural activities that include pottery, Soccer Starz, Build em Bricks and Little Actors; as well as a holiday program to keep the kids entertained during the school holidays.

Visit Bryanston Montessori.

Pine Forest Pre-Primary School

Pine Forest Pre-Primary is a Christian, fully private, registered school that is open to children from 18 months to Grade 00. The grounds are situated within beautiful parkland surrounded by an established forest, making this the ideal setting to inspire and delight the children. The facility offers your children world-class facilities, where they can learn and grow, along with a large selection of extra mural activities.

Visit Pine Forest Pre-Primary School. 

Bryandale Pre-Primary School

Bryandale Pre-Primary School is a private feeder school adjoining the Bryandale Primary School. The school features a beautiful play area with lots of trees and space, ideal for younger children to enjoy the outdoors, run off some steam and even play a few ball games. Here, children will experience a warm and caring environment where they can develop confidence and a positive self-image, while enjoying and learning from a comprehensive educational programme.

Visit Bryandale Pre-Primary School.

Bryanston United Nursery School

Also known as BUNS, Bryanston United Nursery School centres their education programme on building and refining the four main areas in your little one's learning and development: physical, emotional, intellectual and social. Their programme includes creative activities, music, gross motor development, interesting projects, exciting outings, intriguing stories, pre-reading and pre-maths learning, as well as language development.

Visit Bryanston United Nursery School.

Primary Schools

Bryanston Primary 

Bryanston Primary is an English-medium primary school that caters to students in grades 1 to 7. They also host a privately-run grade 0 on the school grounds. They offer students a wide variety of academic, sports, and cultural activities and pride themselves on their community focus. They encourage community service by supporting and giving to those in need in, both in their school and local community.

Visit Bryanston Primary.

Bryneven Primary

Bryneven Primary aims to create a secure and caring environment where children can experience success and achieve their full potential within a broad and balanced educational curriculum. They cater to children from grade 1 to 7, and also offer extra mural activities to ensure that your children receive an all-rounded education that not only focuses on academics, but also activities outside the classroom. A few of these activities includes tennis, cross-country, athletics, hockey and chess.

Visit Bryneven Primary.

Infinity College

Infinity College is an English medium, co-educational primary school offering affordable quality education, in a homely and happy learning environment. They aim to provide their pupils with the necessary skills and personal qualities needed to reach their full potential while developing self-confidence and self-esteem. They also believe in an all-rounded education for all students by reaching out to their interests in the form of extra mural activities. These activities include P.E, speech and drama, karate, dance, cricket, swimming, playball and piano, just to name a few. Little Creations and Infinity College is an Independent School registered with the Department of Basic Education (DBE).

Visit Infinity College.

High Schools

Bryanston High 

Bryanston High is a co-ed school on Tramore Road that provides an outstanding academic, sporting, cultural and social education within a caring environment, empowering all learners to achieve their potential. They offer students a wide range of academic subjects, sporting activities and extra-murals to ensure an holistic education and experience at their facility. Sports activities include athletics, cheer-leading, cricket, cross-country, hockey, netball, rugby, squash, swimming, tennis and orienteering.

Visit Bryanston High.

The King’s College and Preparatory 

The King's College and Preparatory is an independent Christian school that also welcomes children and families of different faiths. They educate pupils ranging from pre-school age through to matric and are committed to providing academic support to all learners wherever possible. Preparatory tends to grades 1 through 6, and the college takes on learners from grade 7 through to matric. They also offer students a wide range of extra mural activities including swimming, cross-country, netball, athletics, softball, hockey, crickets and rugby. Also, there are arts and culture programmes that gives all learners the opportunity to express themselves creatively – drama and play writing, school choirs, arts and crafts, as well as public speaking.

Visit The King’s College and Preparatory. 

Michael Mount Waldorf School

Michael Mount Waldorf School is a private non-profit school that nurtures conscious, creative, independent thinkers aged from 4 months to 18 years. This school can be found right next to the Bryanston Natural and Organic Market that's popular for all of its arts, crafts and handmade products. The Waldorf curriculum is unusually broad, offering a wide range of subjects that's sure to intrigue your childrens' interests. Expect interesting lessons from mythology to botany and everything in between. The Waldorf School also offers all standard subjects required by the Department of Education.

Visit Michael Mount Waldorf School.

Brescia House 

Situated on Sloane Street in Bryanston, Brescia House is an independent girls Catholic school. They also welcome children of any denomination. They cater to children from grade R through to matric. Their classes are small – 24 learners into each grade R class and 26 learners in all other classes. Brescia House aims to nurture your daughter, so that she learns to grow and take risks in a safe environment. They're also known as one of the leading girls' schools in the country.

Visit Brescia House.

Tertiary Institutions

Calibre Education Centre

The Calibre Education Centre provides an alternative and specialised educational experience for children and young adults that meets individual needs. Here, you can expect individualised tutoring and academic support for students already in school as well as homeschooled learners, for grades 1 to 12. This is the ideal education solution if your children need one-on-one assistance to improve their grades or catch-up on work that has been missed. They cater to all student needs.

Visit Calibre Education Centre.

FitPro Fitness Education Institute

Offering a comprehensive variety of certifications, continuing education courses, as well as workshops to get individuals started on their fitness career path, South Africa’s premier fitness education institute, Fitpro, is just the place to go. This fitness education institute focuses on tailoring to the individual needs of each student in order to ensure their best possible development. The campus is based in Bryanston and their team is always ready and excited to meet and assist in any way possible. FitPro is an accredited CATHSSETA and REPSSA Training Provider and exclusively affiliated with Power Plate ® and Exercise is Medicine South Africa. Fitpro offers online courses, certification courses, and online workshops.

Visit FitPro Fitness Education Institute. 

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