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Schools in Alberton

Schools in Alberton

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Looking for a school in Alberton? Read on to find the best pre-schools, primary schools, and high schools in the area.

Alberton is well known for being a family-friendly suburb. As such, there are numerous schools located in and around the area. If you’ve been searching for the ideal school for your little one, but haven’t quite found the right match, read on to learn more about the many schools in Alberton.

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Pre-Primary Schools

Kids on Camborne

Kids on Camborne opened its doors in early 2021. Despite its young status, this is one of the top pre-schools in Alberton. Thanks to the dedication and passion of the owners, staff and the little ones who call this place their second home, Kids on Camborne is becoming a sought-out pre-school in the area. This is no ordinary nursery school – your child’s talents and skills will be nurtured at Kids on Camborne, helping prepare them for the transition to ‘big school’.

Visit Kids on Camborne.

Brackenhurst Pre-Primary School

Brackenhurst Pre-primary School is dedicated to excellence and authenticity. The school specialises in early childhood development and quality teaching. Their school motto “Always Be You” emphasises their ethos and passion for young children. Enrol your little one at Brackenhurst Pre-Primary to allow them to flourish and become who they truly are.

Visit Brackenhurst Pre-Primary School.

Execukids Nursery School

Execukids Nursery School provides day care and pre-primary school services to families from in and around Alberton. They cater to children aged three months to seven years old, making their school ideal for parents with kiddies of various age ranges. Don’t spend your mornings rushing from one school to another, when you can have all your needs met and much more at Execukids Nursery School.

Visit Execukids Nursery School.

primary schools in Alberton

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Primary Schools

Alberton Primary School

Alberton Primary School is a top public school. Give your child the best chance of success by enrolling them for grade 1 at Alberton Primary School. Their seven years of schooling here are sure to be unforgettable. The school has been upholding quality education for over two decades, so you can rest assured that your child will receive only the best here.

Visit Alberton Primary School.

Brackenhurst Primary School

Brackenhurst Primary School takes public education to a new level with their innovative teaching strategies. The school has been one of the firs public institutions to implement e-learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Their values also include embracing and celebrating diversity, integrity, commitment, and accountability. If you are looking for a school driven by traditional values but with a 21st century approach to learning, then this is the place for you.

Visit Brackenhurst Primary School.

Sparrows Private School

Sparrows Private School was voted top academic school in the Ekhuruleni South District in 2020. Their ethos is centred around striving for excellence in all areas of school life. From academics to sports and even cultural activities, Sparrows is all about exceeding expectations. The school’s multicultural student body is welcoming to one and all, so enroll your child as soon as possible. With only 360 students, you can be assured that your child will receive all the care and attention they deserve from their teachers and support staff.

Visit Sparrows Private School.

high schools in Alberton

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High Schools

Alberton High School

Alberton High School has been the top English-medium high school in the area for almost 50 years. The school prides itself on providing its learners with the building blocks to success. Whether through academic achievement, sporting glory or cultural merit, Alberton High learners are equipped with a vast array of skills and talents.

Visit Alberton High School.

Royal Schools Alberton

Royal Schools Alberton is one of the top choices in the area. They offer schooling from grade RRR to matric, providing a comprehensive education to their students. Royal Schools Alberton has state of the art, modern facilities, including computer centres and multiple science laboratories. Classes never exceed 35 in the high school, so that each child receives the individual attention and assistance they need.

Visit Royal Schools Alberton.

Alberton Christian Academy

Alberton Christian Academy is one of the largest private schools in Alberton. The school is founded on Christian values and operates under the leadership of the Living Word Ministries Church. With capacity for just over 200 students, the school provides a close-knit community for their learners. There are numerous academic and sporting facilities at the school, so your child will be getting quality education, as well as good moral instruction and support.

Visit Alberton Christian Academy.

WITS University

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Tertiary Institutions

Boston City Campus

Boston City Campus offers world-class qualifications in a wide range of specialisations, including marketing and management, accounting, humanities, and health sciences. Whether you are interested in pursuing a higher certificate, diploma or degree, Boston City Campus likely has a course package for you. Visit their Alberton campus to learn more about their course offerings, student life and career opportunities for graduates.

Visit Boston City Campus.

MSC Business College

Interested in pursuing a career in business? MSC Business College is the tertiary institution for you. They offer courses in IT, management and marketing, hospitality, office administration, and accounting. Pop by their Alberton campus to find out more about your study options. This might just be the start of a super successful business career, so don’t hesitate.

Visit MSC Business College.


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