To Save Or To Splurge: At The Movies

We’re always up for a challenge. And when readers asked our opinion on how to enjoy a night at the movies without breaking the bank, we jumped at the opportunity to create the latest in our “Splurge or Save” series!

Let’s be honest, movies have become rather pricey (especially if you’re a family of four or more). We’ve found the best ways save money on expensive movie tickets while also enjoying a slushie and popcorn without breaking the bank or having you suffer from palpitations while paying!

Where You Can Save

Sign up to the Rewards Programs

One way to save your cash is by signing up for the rewards programs offered by either Nu Metro or Ster-Kinekor. And best of all, you can join for FREE.

Nu Metro Scene Club allows you to earn points for every rand that you spend on tickets and snacks. Get to 1 000 points, and you’ll receive an extra 2 000 points to use on your next visit. Also, you’ll earn double points every Tuesday, when you watch a Nu Metro Critics’ Choice release and when you purchase promo combos. Don’t forget the bonus birthday surprise for your special day.

As for Ster-Kinekor, they have the SK Club that unlocks many benefits, including value rewards (half-price Tuesdays and a free ticket on your birthday), point rewards (earn points by purchasing movie tickets and snacks) and access rewards (members get exclusive access to pre-screenings and events). Click here to find out more.

Are You With Discovery Vitality?

Discovery Vitality members can catch the latest movies at discounted prices when they activate their Vitality Ster-Kinekor movie benefit. All you have to do is pay a once-off activation fee of R44* for yourself and each dependent that would like a movie card. Showing your Vitality Ster-Kinekor membership card when booking your movie tickets will get you a discount at select cinemas. Also, download the Discovery App to activate your digital card for free. Happy saving!

What About Edgars Club?

Edgars Club Life and Club VIP members get exclusive rewards and savings when they join the Edgars Movie Club. With this membership, you can watch two movies a day and save up to 60% while you’re at it! The price does exclude the reusable 3D glasses that can be bought at the cinema, but getting a max of two tickets per day at a discounted price with your Edgars Movie Club card? Still saving.

And PnP Smart Shoppers?

If you have a Pick ‘n Pay Smart Shoppers card, you can switch R30 in Smart Shopper points (equals to 3 000 Smart Shopper points) for a 2D Ster-Kinekor movie and get up to 50% off your movie anytime, all the time. Talk about saving! To switch your points, all you do is use the PnP Mobile app on your phone, head to the Smart Shopper kiosk at your nearest PnP or do it online. It’s that easy. Once the switch is done, you’ll get your e-voucher valued at R62, AKA a standard 2D Ster-Kinekor movie ticket. Click here to find out more.

50% Off Movies

Often Silverstar, Montecasino and Gold Reef City have a movie special that you cannot refuse. If you’re mad about movies, then half price movies are just the ticket if you’re looking to save yet have a good movie night (or day) out. 50% off any movie, any time, any ticket, any day. And if you’re a rewards cardholder with any of these casinos, you’ll save 30% or more on movie tickets. Signing up is FREE and you receive additional discounts on events, dining and more!


You don’t need to save, save, save all the time though. There are occasions where splurging at the movies is acceptable. We’re talking about fancy cinemas with the comfy lazy-boy style couches, services buttons, cocktails – the works!

Reasons To Splurge

Feel like splurging a little bit when heading to the cinema? Here are some reasons why you should splurge when you’re off to catch the latest (and coolest) movies on circuit:

  • If it’s a special occasion
  • If it’s a first date (brownie points!)
  • If it’s a blockbuster you’ve been dying to see for months (effects are best seen in 3D)
  • If it’s a super-long comic, The Hobbit, LOTR, Harry Potter style movie (comfort is a must for those two to three-hour-long monsters)
  • If it’s a girls’ or guys’ night out
  • Because you want to!

Where To Splurge

Cinema Prestige

This is how watching a movie should be, all the time! This experience is what Ster-Kinekor calls the business class of cinema. Going to the movies has never been this luxurious. Here, you will get to sit in the comfiest couches with ample space, enjoy gourmet snack platters that will be delivered right to your seat while you’re watching your movie, and indulge in your choice of their finest desserts and coffee blends. Be sure to book in advance as seating is limited.

  • Cinema Prestige @ Sandton City
  • Cinema Prestige @ Eastgate Centre
  • Cinema Prestige @ Cresta
  • Cinema Prestige @ Cradlestone

Nu Metro VIP

This is another luxury cinema experience if you’re looking to splurge on your next visit to the movies. Think leather recliners, freshly-prepared food from an a la carte menu, and  VIP lounges with a fully-licensed cocktail bar. Honestly, it couldn’t get better than that! Best of all, the VIP lounge and the comfy leather recliners give you plenty of room to get comfortable, relax and enjoy the show. Here are a few Nu Metro cinemas near you if you’re looking to experience this for yourself:

  • Hyde Park Shopping Centre
  • The Glen
  • Clearwater Mall
  • Bedford Centre

Happy movie watching, guys!

Any other tips on where to save or splurge at the movies? Comment below and share the deets!

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