SAB World Of Beer Closes Its Doors

Situated in Newtown, downtown Johannesburg, the SAB World Of Beer will be closing up shop, but is this the end of the road for this beer museum?

SAB World Of Beer

Beer lovers and history fanatics will be saddened by the closure of The SAB World of Beer. Closing on Monday, 30 September 2019, the SAB World Of Beer celebrated 25 years of story telling at its residence on Helen Joseph Street in the Newtown district.

SAB World Of Beer

According to an official statement from the SAB, the facility will be operated by a new tenant. But is this the end of the road for SA’s longstanding and iconic beer museum?

SAB World Of Beer

“Supporting and building a beer culture in South Africa by working with the industry remains a priority for us,” says Zoleka Lisa, SAB VP Corporate Affairs and Sustainability. At the time of writing, South African Breweries is looking into an alternative approach to educate the public about the rich heritage of beer and its production at the southern tip of the continent.


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