Rooibos Punch

Celebrate the last days of the South African summer with this refreshing drink.


1 L Rooibos Tea
1 L Ginger Ale
1 L Orange Juice
500 ml Soda Water
500 ml Lemon Vodka or Pimms or Cane
Mint for garnish
Lemons for garnish

How to make it
Prepare Rooibos Tea and allow to cool
Combine all the ingredients in a large punch bowl
Add crushed ice
Garnish with Mint & Lemon slices

Enjoy on a lazy afternoon!

You can make a ‘Virgin’ Punch by leaving out the alcohol.
If you like sweeter drinks, add 4Tbls Castor Sugar.
Serve this drink with a selection cold sandwiches like Rare Beef, Cucumber, Egg Mayo, Tuna etc.
Host a ‘Last days of Summer’ pool party, and ask all your guests to bring a platter finger food – your guests will feast on a variety of snacks the whole day!
Freeze mint leaves in ice cubes – it looks great and releases fragrance while drinking.

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