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Eating At The Firs In The Bustling Rosebank

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Find out why eating at The Firs in Rosebank will satisfy your adventurous taste buds. This is going to be tasty.

The Firs in Rosebank sometimes goes unnoticed, but it is a gem that everyone should visit. The shopping centre offers an intimate and secluded setting with amazing restaurants that offer a variety of food options to explore.

This gem is located close to the prestigious Hyatt Regency Hotel, and has been a part of the bustling Rosebank suburb for years. Still running strong, this shopping centre was recently renovated and now has even more character and a modern flair.

If you are looking for a secluded, beautiful and vibrant place to eat, The Firs is it. They have a few wonderful restaurant options that offer something new.

Let's explore something delicious.

Katzy's Live Rosebank
Katzy's Live / The Grillhouse

Katzy's Live and The Grillhouse have been part of The Firs for a long time. They offer Rosebank a taste of something different with lively entertainment.

They have resident bands that are always ready to get you jazzed up. You will get to experience the surprising live music that brings a touch of magic.

As soon as you enter this amazing restaurant and world of live entertainment, you will be taken by the nostalgic feeling and warmth that the interior emanates.

The restaurant's menu boasts diverse options of food to explore, traditional meals made with a twist and the finest ingredients.

Doppio Zero Rosebank

Doppio Zero

Doppio Zero creates wholesome food with quality, fresh ingredients.

They use fresh herbs that they grow themselves and serve homemade baked goods. They also offer an overflowing menu with something for everyone. Here, you can enjoy anything from breakfast to dinner each with its own mouthwatering options.

The restaurant's interior features wooden and nature touches that complement each other with natural lighting to complete the look. These touches create a relaxing atmosphere.


If you want to taste the ocean, visit Fishmonger in Rosebank.

Fishmonger serves up fresh seafood with a Mediterranean touch.Their seafood menu variety is refreshing, giving you an opportunity to explore many options including non-seafood choices.

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