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Restaurants in the Vaal Triangle

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So you're out at the Vaal for the weekend but you've got no idea where to eat? Check out this list of the best restaurants situated within the Vaal Triangle to find your next world-class dining experience.  restaurants in Vaal Triangle

The Vaal Triangle is home to many top class restaurants, pubs and tea gardens. On your next trip through the greater Vaal areas, why not make a few pit stops to sample a variety of cuisines and flavours? Tick them off one by one from this list of the best restaurants situated in the Vaal Triangle. It's the perfect way to end off a holiday adventure in our opinion.

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American & Fast Food

Roco Mamas Vanderbijlpark

Grab yourself a delicious, juicy smash burger from Roco Mamas in Vanderbijlpark. This is the home of American-inspired fast food in the Vaal Triangle. From double thick milkshakes, to sticky wings and loaded fries, Roco Mamas caters to every kind of junk food craving you could possibly have. Ideal for tired out campers who couldn't be bothered to set up the braai!

Visit Roco Mamas Vanderbijlpark.



Pukka Indian Cuisine

Spice up your life by visiting Pukka Indian Cuisine in Vanderbijlpark. They serve an assortment of North Indian and Durban-style curries, biryanis and bunny chows. You can call to collect or for delivery within 5km. There's nothing like a Friday night Indian takeout, so give Pukka Indian Cuisine a ring the next chance you get.

Visit Pukka Indian Cuisine.



Capello is a Mediterranean-inspired eatery situated at Emerald Resort and Casino in Vanderbijlpark. This  restaurant follows the Mediterranean ethos and tradition by bringing people together for a good time. Their combination of good food, classic cocktails and a relaxed lounge atmosphere is what makes this one of the best restaurants in the Vaal Triangle area. Make sure to book yourself a table the next time you plan a trip to Emerald Casino.

Visit Capello.

Pizza Boss

Another fine Mediterranean restaurant situated at Emerald Resort and Casino is Pizza Boss. With over 30 years of collective experience, Pizza Boss is run by the who's who of pizza making in South Africa. Come and enjoy a traditional or gourmet pizza at Pizza Boss topped with only the freshest ingredients. If you're ever out exploring the Vaal and find yourself plagued by a sudden pizza craving, this is the place to come.

Visit Pizza Boss.

Tuscany Restaurant

How about a taste of Tuscany right in the centre of the Vaal Triangle? Tuscany Restaurant offers you this and much more. This Italian-style restaurant serves up a variety of family meals, including authentic wood-fired pizzas, creamy pastas and tasty trinchado. Tuscany Restaurant is a place to gather with friends and family for a meal to remember. Pay them a visit as soon as you can.

Visit Tuscany Restaurant.

Casa do Galo

Casa do Galo is the home of the flame-grilled chicken in Vereeniging. This Portuguese takeaway restaurant serves a delectable array of classic Portuguese dishes including prego rolls, grilled calamari and flame-grilled spicy chicken, of course. If you're looking for a quick, but hearty meal while out in the Vaal area, this is the restaurant for you.

Visit Casa do Galo.

Anna's Kitchen 

If it's a little romance you're after, look no further than Anna's Kitchen. Situated at Three Rivers Lodge in Vereeniging, Anna's Kitchen expertly combines Italian, French and South African cuisine to present their guests with a menu that's simply to die for. Bring your special someone here for a fancy anniversary dinner. The elegant atmosphere of the dining area paired with a delicious meal is sure to win you a couple of brownie points!

Visit Anna's Kitchen. 

restaurants in Vaal Triangle

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De Vette Mossel

A seafood beach restaurant in Parys? Absolutely. De Vette Mossel (The Fat Mussel) is an all-you-can-eat seafood restaurant situated on the edge of the Vaal Triangle. Bring all your friends along to enjoy a flame-grilled seafood feast. De Vette Mossel serves up only the freshest fish dishes, ensuring your value for money. It's an absolute must-try experience, so don't miss out.

Visit De Vette Mossel.

Steak & Grill

High Stakes

High Stakes restaurant is famed for its exquisite wine list, premium steaks and excellent service. Situated at Emerald Resort and Casino, High Stakes is a strictly over 18s restaurant. This sophisticated atmosphere paired with their excellent gourmet steak and grills creates the perfect environment for a dining experience unlike any other. Ideal for special occasions and celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries and graduation parties.

Visit High Stakes.

Gas Monkey Pub & Grill

This is a steak and grill restaurant with a difference. Gas Monkey Pub & Grill doesn't serve your usual pub grub, but rather an assortment of hearty, flavour-filled dishes. Their monkey pots are legend for squeezing as much flavour into a single dish as possible. They've also got cocktails on tap, so come prepared to have a smashing good time.

Visit Gas Monkey Pub & Grill.

Stonehaven on Vaal

Everything seems bigger and better in the Vaal Triangle. Visit the largest al fresco restaurant in the country - Stonehaven on Vaal - the next time you pass through the area. Their a la carte menu features a continental assortment of meals, including classic steak and grills. Come and enjoy the outdoors as you dine on the open-air deck at Stonehaven on Vaal. It's the perfect way to end off a day of exploration around the dam.

Visit Stonehaven on Vaal.

Coffee Shops & Cafes

Oppie Plaas Parys

Oppie Plaas Parys is a coffee shop, nursery and animal farm situated within the Vredefort Dome World Heritage Site. Come and enjoy traditional boerekos  at Oppie Plaas Parys. From all day breakfasts to delicious syrupy koeksisters, they've got it all. This is the perfect place to bring the kids, aunties, uncles, granny and grandpa for a big family meal while out in the Vaal Triangle.

Visit Oppie Plaas Parys.

Plum Tree Restaurant 

Plum Tree Restaurant and Art Gallery is situated on the popular Bree Street in Parys. This artsy coffee shop serves traditional Afrikaner food like afval, bobotie, oxtail and boerewors rolls. On arrival at your table you will be given a vintage Huisgenoot magazine to peruse. The coffee shop is also decorated with an assortment of vintage items. So, come and take a journey back in time at Plum Tree Restaurant on your next visit to Parys.

Visit Plum Tree Restaurant.

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