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Restaurants in Braamfontein

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Braamfontein is a restaurant hub, offering a range of cuisines and unique dining experiences. Whether you're after traditional South African shisanyama, gourmet grub or the best breakfast in town to cure a night of hard partying, look no further than the streets of Braam.   restaurants in Braamfontein

Braamfontein's restaurant scene is as diverse as its population. You can find all assortments of cuisine types here, ranging from homestyle pap en wors to the fanciest flapjack stack you've likely ever seen. If you're planning on taking a culinary journey through Braam, check out our list of the best restaurants in the area below.

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American and Fast Food
Steak and Grill
Coffee Shops and Cafes

Great Dane


Great Dane

Braamfontein becomes "Braaifontein" on Friday nights at Great Dane. For just *R60 you can get sticky ribs, pap and coleslaw, plus an assortment of potent cocktails and beer on tap. Great Dane also serves up some of the best gourmet hotdogs in the city. The "Boerbull" is their most authentic South African hotdog - boerewors, baby onions and barbeque sauce. However, they offer a number of other cuisine varieties, so be sure to come and test them out on your next journey through the restaurant scene in Braamfontein.

Visit Great Dane.

African Cuisine and Restaurant

If you're craving good old chicken and chips when in Braam, visit African Cuisine and Restaurant. Situated on Simmonds street, this authentic South African grill and burger shop offers super affordable meals, without sacrificing on flavour or freshness. This is the ideal spot to hit up after a night of hard partying. Get a super combo - full chicken, chuck steak, boerewors, 2l Coca Cola, six rolls and chips - to share with your friends for only *R299.

Find African Cuisine and Restaurant on UberEats.


Artivist and Untitled Basement is an art gallery, live music venue, coffee shop and bistro all rolled into one. You might imagine then that their food offerings would be kept simple. Wrong! Artivist serves up some of the tastiest grub in Braam, including a Friday night shisanyama to rival any other restaurant in the area. However, this is no ordinary steak and grill feast. Come and dine on flamed-grilled North African chicken, "Boujee Wings" and traditional steamed bread served with hearty beef stew.

Visit Artivist.

restaurants in Braamfontein


American &Fast Food

RocoGo Braamfontein

When you're in the mood for a juicy, cheesy burger where do you turn? RocoMamas, of course! Pop by their mini branch in Braamfontein when you feel the craving for a mouthwatering, sauce laden burger kick in. Here, you can get your hands on their best Smash burgers, wings and loaded fries. Oh, and don't forget to throw in a double thick milkshake to finish off your meal. It's the ultimate indulgence.

Visit RocoGo Braamfontein.

Burger King

Burger King has fast become one of Joburg's favourite fast food restaurants since launching in the country in 2018. Stop by Burger King at Park Station in Braamfontein to try out the legendary Whopper - 100% beef burger patty sandwiched between a fresh sesame seed roll and topped with thinly sliced onion, tomato, cheese and tangy pickles. Their menu also includes a number of tasty sides, including jalapeno cheese poppers, spicy wings and fries.

Visit Burger King Park Station. 

Burger King SA.


The Devonshire Hotel Restaurant

The Devonshire Hotel is one of the oldest hotels in Braamfontein. It has been in operation since 1930! The Devonshire restaurant serves up a delightful Italian menu, as well as a breakfast buffet spread to help you kick off your morning. Take a step back in time by visiting the Devonshire restaurant and hotel. It's quite unlike any other eatery in Braamfontein.

Visit the Devonshire Hotel Restaurant.

86 Public Pizzeria

If it's pizza you want, it's pizza you'll get at 86 Public Pizzeria in Braamfontein. Situated at the Grove retail and restaurant precinct in central Braam, this classy pizzeria meets bar is the ideal spot for business drinks, Friday night cocktails and slow Sundays with friends. So, come and enjoy pizza made the good old fashioned way the next time you are in Braam.

Visit 86 Public Pizzeria.

restaurants inn Braamfontein.

86 Public Pizzeria.

Steak and Grill

The Urban Grill & Smokehouse

The Urban Grill & Smokehouse prides itself as being the home of the best ribs in Braamfontein. Who can blame them? Their menu features pretty much nothing other than baby back ribs, handcut chips, beef burgers and decadent open sandwiches. Bring your mates along to enjoy a cold beer and 600g baby back ribs. This is the ideal spot to catch the Saturday afternoon rugby, the smell of meat cooking over the flames punctuating each enthralling moment of the match. Don't miss out.

Visit the Urban Grill & Smokehouse.

Wing Republic

Don't get your chicken wings from just any old restaurant. Put your trust in the experts - Wing Republic. Their buffalo wings have been frequently voted as the best in the city by Joburg foodies. With over 25 different basting sauces, this is a wing lover's idea of heaven. So, whether you like your wings sticky, sweet, spicy or smoked, you're bound to be impressed by Wing Republic's offerings.

Visit Wing Republic. 

Wing Republic


The Bannister Hotel Restaurant

The Bannister Hotel offers a "home away from home" to many business travelers, bohemian tourists and locals alike. The restaurant and bar here operates under the same ethos, creating a comfortable, homely environment for its guests. Their food offerings are diverse, spanning from Mediterranean platters, to South African shisanyama and even sushi! Nevertheless, it's the comforting feel of enjoying a meal that reminds you of home that makes this feel so much like an authentic Mediterranean eatery. If you visit only one restaurant in Braamfontein, let it be this one.

Visit the Bannister Hotel Restaurant.

Olive and Plates

Olive and Plates at the WITS Club is a true hidden gem. If the divine cake display doesn't tempt you in, the hearty Mediterranean menu should. Enjoy a delightful tapas meal out in the courtyard of the WITS Club or share a tasty pasta dish with your sweetheart inside the restaurant's upmarket dining area. It's a dining experience you aren't likely to forget.

Visit Olive and Plates. 

restaurants in Braamfontein

Olive and Plates

Coffee Shops and Cafes

Bean There Coffee

If you blink, you'll miss it. Bean There Coffee is a quaint coffee shop and roastery situated just off of Smit street. These coffee gurus are all about fair trade and keeping the coffee industry sustainable for the future. But you needn't be an environmentalist to enjoy their premium brews. Pop by in the early morning to enjoy a freshly brewed cuppa. Their baristas are super friendly too, so strike up a conversation while waiting for your coffee.

Visit Bean There Coffee.

Father Coffee

Braamfontein is coffee obsessed. This may be due to the large student population or the number of large corporate companies in the area, but we aren't complaining. One of the best coffee joints in the area is Father Coffee. Come and get your morning brew paired with a slice of gourmet toast. Our top pick is their dark chocolate nut butter and banana Brioche toast, but they've got tons of options to choose from for those who prefer a savoury brekkie. And, don't worry if you miss the breakfast rush, they're open till 16:00 from Monday to Saturday.

Visit Father Coffee.

restaurants in Braamfontein

Father Coffee.


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