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Restaurants in Alberton

Restaurants in Alberton

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Alberton boasts an eclectic variety of restaurants. Bring the family out for a special dinner the next time you are in the area. 

Alberton is all about family. There is a wide array of child-friendly restaurants and cafes in and around the suburb. Whether you're in the mood for steak and grill, hot flaming Mexican, or authentic Portuguese cuisine, Alberton has it all. Come hungry because the meals here are hearty and homestyle. You'll leave totally satisfied, we guarantee it. Read on to find the ideal restaurant in Alberton for you.

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American & Fast Food


Sink your teeth into a delicious smash burger at RocoMamas. Situated at Newmarket Mall in Alberton, this is one of the most popular American-style restaurants in the suburb. Curb your hunger with any one of their feast-type meals. Their specialties include gourmet burgers, loaded fries, saucy wings and ribs, and epic milkshakes. The RocoMamas experience is one-of-a-kind, so don't miss out.

Visit RocoMamas. 

Burger Rack

Burger Rack is the home of craft burgers, ribs and waffles in Alberton. Their menu is simple, but it delivers a flavour punch. Inspired by the craft burger scene in New York, Burger Rack offers a unique taste experience. The meal portions here are inspired by American cuisine, too, so make sure to come hungry!

Visit Burger Rack. 

restaurants Alberton

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Adega is where families meet to dine and celebrate life. Bring your whole brood along for an epic Portuguese feast at Adega Alberton. Their menu features an array of delectable Portuguese-style entrees, mains and desserts. Tuck into a family size platter of prawns or fiery Portuguese chicken. It's the best way to get value for your money and keep the whole family happy.

Visit Adega.

A Churrasqueira

A Churrasqueira is a Portuguese restaurant situated in New Market. Come and enjoy an authentic Portuguese feast with friends, family or totally on your own. Everyone is welcome here. Their menu features some of the spiciest grilled chicken in Joburg, sure to satisfy any craving. Their bakery is also legend for having the best cakes and traditional Portuguese custard tarts. Make sure to stop by as soon as you can.

Visit A Churrasqueria.

Il Forno 

When you think of a Mediterranean restaurant, what comes to mind? For us, it's family-style meals, a warm atmosphere, and good times. That's exactly what Il Forno Mediterranean Family Restaurant offers. The food here is slow-cooked with love and only the finest ingredients. If you don't mind waiting a little while for your food, bring the whole family along for a fabulous feast. We guarantee that it's worth the wait.

Visit Il Forno. 

Lupa Osteria

In the mood for traditional Italian? Book a table at Lupa Osteria in Meyersdal. Their exceptional combination of great food, sumptuous wine and excellent service is why this is one of the most sought after restaurants in the Alberton area. You can expect a menu full of classic Italian meals with an added layer of flavour, care and modern aesthetics. This is the place to take your sweetheart out on date night in Alberton. It's romantic, yet comfortable, so book yourself and your special someone a table as soon as you can.

Visit Lupa Osteria. 


Piatto is one of our long-standing favourites for all things Italian inspired. Their branch in Alberton North serves a delightful menu of pastas, pizzas, grills, salads and much more. Piatto's cocktail menu is also well known for its classic drinks and its contemporary creations such as frozen daquiris and craft 'gintails'. Stop by after a long week of work to wind down and enjoy the finer things in life. It's the perfect way to kick off your weekend.

Visit Piatto. 


Salsa Mexican Grill

How about a little Mexican fiesta to spice things up a bit? Salsa is undoubtedly one of Joburg's best Mexican restaurant chains. If you live in Alberton or are merely passing through, make sure to visit the Salsa branch here for a smashing good time. We adore their custom menu that allows you to mix and match all assortments of ingredients. But if you're more the set menu type, we recommend Salsa's signature nachos. Go for the spicy option, we dare you.

Visit Salsa Mexican Grill. 

restaurants Alberton

Seafood & Grill 

Rock 'n Sole 

Preparing the perfect plate of seafood is no easy task, but Rock 'n Sole restaurant are experts at their craft. For almost a decade they've been serving the finest seafood to Alberton locals and guests. Their menu features classic fish dishes, sushi and grills to delight your palate and your tummy. You can also build your own platter featuring your choice of fish, seafood and sides. The next time you feel a hankering for seafood, this is the place to go.

Visit Rock 'n Sole. 

Harbour Fish & Grill

Harbour Fish & Grill combines the flavours of Mozambican cuisine with fabulous seafood meals to give you the ultimate dining experience. They've also recently set up a sushi bar to offer you even more variety and taste experiences. This is a great place to relax and enjoy freshly prepared seafood without any of the hassle of cooking it yourself. Their wine list is quite impressive, too, so don't hesitate to stop by.

Visit Harbour Fish & Grill. 

Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill

Family-friendly restaurants are the norm in Alberton, however, Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill stands out from the crowd. Their kids menu features a wide variety of meals, including the ever-popular Mac 'n Cheese, Spaghetti Bolognaise, and kiddies burgers. The little ones can also choose from an array of fish dishes and tasty desserts. Grown ups will enjoy Fahrenheit's selection of seafood, grills, pastas, and chicken combos. Book a family table to avoid missing out.

Visit Fahrenheit Seafood & Grill. 

Coffee Shops & Cafes 

The Steaming Mug 

The Steaming Mug is the epitome of Alberton's old town culture. Their menu is no-fuss, traditional boerekos - think pap and wors, coffee sweetened with condensed milk, and classic cakes. The Steaming Mug is famous for its breakfast offerings, too. Pop in on a Saturday morning to enjoy homestyle breakfast made with love, care and authenticity. It's a must-visit if you want to experience the best that Alberton has to offer.

Visit The Steaming Mug.

Royal Coffee Roasters 

We've saved the very best for last. Royal Coffee Roasters is our top pick of restaurants in Alberton for one specific reason - the coffee! They import their coffee beans from all around Africa and South America, bringing you a full-bodied, rich taste of the world. Royal Coffee Roasters also serves delightful pastries, breakfasts, salads, toasted sarmies and wraps. If you haven't already fallen in love with them, Royal Coffee Roasters is bound to become a dear favourite. You can thank us later.

Visit Royal Coffee Roasters.


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