Corlett Drive Restaurants Are Calling Your Name

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Here are some places you need to explore on Corlett Drive in Illovo for your next food hop. These restaurants will take you all over the world. Perron Illovo

Corlett Drive is one of the most vibrant streets in Illovo. The street is home to some of the best restaurants and bars of the north.

If you're looking for something authentic, why not food hop down Corlett Drive? This is where you will find deliciousness at its best, the street boasts plentiful restaurants that offer different cuisines for you to explore. Here are our top Corlett Drive Restaurants to choose from.

Corlett Drive Restaurants



Perron is known as the Mexican appreciation society. As such, they don't disappoint when it comes to providing the true flavour of Mexican cuisine.

This spicy food takes you on a trip to Mexico, by staying true to Mexican tradition. Get a taste of their famous tequila, which pairs beautifully with their flavourful dishes. No list of Corlett Drive Restaurants would be complete without Perron.

Their versatile menu has a lot to offer, so why not pass by Perro and experience true Mexican culture?

Corlett Drive Restaurants


Parea Greek Taverna

Perea Greek Taverna is a world of comforts and flavours.

The restaurant has been a part of the Illovo family for many years, serving tantalising meals to every customer who sets foot in their restaurant. One such meal is the yiros - which are the best in the north.

Apart form the yummy food, they offer authentic Greek entertainment too, such as belly dancing.

Take a trip to Perea for an authentic Greek experience worthy of the Greek Gods! No list of Corlett Drive Restaurants would be complete without Parea.

Yume Sushi


Yume Sushi

If you're looking for something that will shake your taste buds, Yume Sushi is the place to be.

The restaurant specialises in everything sushi.

Pay this sushi and noodle bar a visit and go on a journey of traditional Japanese dining.




Africhef on Corlett Drive celebrates the beauty of Africa through food.

This restaurant serves wholesome meals that give you the true African experience. As one of the few restaurants in Illovo that offer a taste of home, this is definitely something to try. No list of Corlett Drive Restaurants would be complete without Africhef.

Taste The World

Taste the world and enjoy the different cuisines that Corlett Drive has to offer.

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