Restaurant Specials To Look Forward To

From two-for-one specials to half-price sushi, we ate our way through the city to bring you the best food savings in town. 

Moyo Zoo Lake (winter 2017 menu)

Hurry while it lasts. Moyo Zoo Lake has an amazing winter menu going until the end of August 2017. You can expect spicy samosas, chef speciality red pepper soup (it’s to die for),  prawn and sirloin skewers, and chocolate brownies served with ice cream, and many more. This three-course special is served with a beautiful wine pairing of either red or white grape variety.


Beerhouse (Fourways)

We’ve got our mouths full with this one and not too sure where to begin chewing. Beerhouse has specials each day of the week. On Mondays it’s burgers, Tuesdays it’s nachos, Wednesdays it’s ribs and Thursdays it’s pizzas. Now, we can go on forever about all of this, or you could save us both the trouble and go check out their website for more info… oh, and they have a massive collection of beer to wash down all of those savings.



Two for the price of one? Oh, snap. Hooters is rocking a buy-one-get-one-free special on their burgers. It’s only on Mondays, so make sure you start your week like a pro. We suggest you wash this one with a litre of beer… No, the beer’s not on special but you’ll be saving cash with the burger special, so it all balances out.



Authentic Japanese dim sum is everyone’s friend – especially when the tummy demands dumplings. Yamitsuki has a couple of specials going, such as such half-price sushi on Mondays. But we’re excited to tell you about teppanyaki and chicken dumpling bowls. They are delicious, served with veggies and a starch of your choice – and for R48, they’re a deal and a half.



Who would have thought that Spur would be the go-to place for breakfast. Well, for a lot of South Africans it is. The Unreal Breakfast is by far the best way to start the day, and at R35 a pop, it’s a steal. You can’t say no to two fried eggs, two grilled rashers of bacon and fried tomato, and if you pop a R20 into the deal, you can score a bottomless coffee. This brekkie is served every day until 11 am.


John Dory’s

Everybody loves sushi, and half-price Wednesdays at John Dory’s hits the spot. Get your California rolls rolling and your avo makis stacking, because at 50% off your total bill is a winner in our books. The catch is that the special is only if you eat at the restaurant, and no sharing… as if anyone will share sushi at John Dory’s anyway.


The Federal

James Diack is one of the coolest restaurateurs in town. His New York style deli in Melville runs a lekker special every Sunday where you can grab hotdog with the works and a beer for a cool R100. If you’ve not eaten one of their dogs yet then make sure you pull through this coming Sunday and take advantage of this special. They are super delicious and quite filling to boot.


By Shawn Greyling

Know of any other specials? Let us know in the comments section below. Sharing is caring so show a buddy this cool article. 

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