Quintrip Takes A Unique Approach To Luxury Travel In 2023


South African-based travel company, Quintrip, is making luxury travel even more accessible and affordable than ever. They offer a curated selection of worldwide holiday packages tailored to each customer’s specific needs and wants. With Quintrip, you can take control of your travel plans by choosing how and where you travel. Whether it be an overnight trip or a trip across the world – they make it easy.

Luxury Travel At Its Finest

If you’re looking to travel like a boss, Quintrip is your solution to the ultimate travel experience for you.

With us, you get to skip the long lines and crowds, and you can even avoid meeting with people that you don’t want to meet” said Quintin Carlson, Managing Director at Quintrip

“There are certain places that are famous for their great food and luxury hotels. But if you plan your trip to these places in the wrong time of the year, you might end up with less-than-ideal weather conditions. There’s nothing more disappointing than going to a tropical location in the winter. And having a chance to enjoy the beach or relaxing on the sand with a drink in your hand. When you travel through Quintrip, you can pick the best time of the year for your trip. You can fly to tropical locations in the summer, and if you prefer a cozy, comfortable winter holiday, you can go to a place that is famous for its great winter activities, such as skiing and hot springs” adds Quintin.

For 2023, Quintrip is taking a different approach:

  1. in terms of travel offers for individuals;
  2. by expanding its offer for groups and incentive travel;
  3. shifting to a higher gear in terms of responsible tourism; and
  4. Innovation in terms of technology.

1. In Terms of Travel Offers for Individuals

For its 2023 programme, Quintrip wanted to focus on a new approach by proposing holiday packages built on specific periods in order to perfect an ultra competitive offer. This is the result of months of negotiations. As well as the establishment of commercial agreements with airlines, hotels and transfer companies.

Quintrip will propose throughout the year :

  • promotional offers that can be booked several months in advance, allowing you to pay a deposit and make several payments spread out;
  • last minute offers in order to sell out its stock of airline seats and overnight stays at its partner hotels and thus allow its customers to benefit from unbeatable rates;
  • flash sales that can be booked within a week, allowing customers to save up to 45% on the cost of their holiday package.

For 2023, the focus is on destinations such as Mauritius, the Maldives, the Seychelles and Zanzibar. Seaside destinations that are popular with South African customers, due to their proximity and the type of travel focused on holiday packages including flights, accommodation, and airport transfers.

2. Group & Incentive Travel

Quintrip expands its offer for groups. Organising group travel and lodging may be a difficult and time-consuming affair. Fortunately, at Quintrip they are group travel professionals with over 13 years of experience,. They know how to coordinate businesses travel requirements to offer a flawless travel experience that’s within budget and adds value to companies.


Every Tailored Travel group trip is custom-designed for your group and your group only. Quintrip will customise your group trip to meet your specific needs.

Do you see anything you like? Give them a call. They can include any adjustments you need to personalise the trip to the specific needs of your group.

They have grown to be one of the top group travel experts by focusing on exceptional customer service and high-quality trips. Let them combine their expertise with your knowledge of your members’ interests and profiles to create the best trip at the appropriate cost for your group.

And, as a specialist group travel agency, Quintrip provides ground support such as qualified airside assistance.

Corporate Incentive

Incentive travel is an excellent method to thank your most valuable asset – your employees.

From European city breaks to long-distance expeditions, Quintrip designs exceptional business experiences for a broad variety of clients. Each incentive trip is customised to individuals, couples, or groups of any size. Whether sailing across the Mediterranean, private dinner in a French castle, or a weekend in the bush.

Quintrip creates adaptable and dynamic itineraries that might incorporate extra trips, events, or team building activities. They can create a package that fits a specific brief or create a variety of experiences based on your budget and requirements; the decision is yours.


3. Responsible Tourism

Quintrip, a responsible travel agency, designs holiday packages that take into account the environmental and social impacts. As a company, they are rooted in a responsible, sustainable, fair, and solidarity-driven approach.

In choosing any travel package, you should know that it has been designed by taking into account several factors that allow them to be in line with their responsible tourism approach.

As such, Quintrip do not offer responsible travel, but they offer holiday packages that include the services of providers who follow the same responsible approach as them, and they ensure the legitimacy of these providers.

Take a look at a few of their holiday package offers here:

There is always a need for change, and every brick in the building makes it possible for us to build a better world for tomorrow. 2023 for funding of actions: over the last three years, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a significant drop in tourism activity. Some sectors of the travel industry have been virtually dormant. In spite of these hiccups, this period of calm provided them with the opportunity to think about how they can demonstrate their commitment to responsible tourism throughout the year.

For 2023, Quintrip has chosen to make donations to a serious and well-run association that rewards several active associations and causes related to responsible tourism and fair environmental and social practices. Choosing the association to which they intend to make a donation is still ongoing, this is to ensure the money they are going to donate will be used optimally to defend the causes they support.


4. Innovation In Terms Of Technology

Quintrip has implemented a booking engine specialised in the creation of holiday packages. It is now possible on to choose your hotel – including room type and meal plan – flights, and transfers.

With real time availability, you can now book holiday packages to almost any country in the world, and pay directly by credit card. Booking is immediate; airline tickets and vouchers are generated and sent within hours.

And from January 2023, Quintrip will provide its customers with an application that will allow them to book activities and excursions directly from their vacation spot. This will allow them to benefit from reduced rates and the reservation will be immediate.

Quintrip provides an onsite emergency suppport 24/7 to assist travellers and help them out in case of an emergency situation.

How to Buy a Travel Package At Quintrip

If you are interested in booking a travel package, you can navigate to the homepage and use the “Create Your Holiday” search bar.

Select your destination and dates, and then select the type of trip you are interested in.

You will then be able to view a selection of available travel packages that can be booked directly through the Quintrip website.

As with most travel websites, you can either book immediately or add the trip to a wishlist for later.

A key advantage of booking travel packages on the Quintrip website is that the professional team is also able to assist you with flights as well as accommodation. This means you can book your hotels and flights directly through Quintrip and save yourself the hassle of using multiple service providers.

For More Information About Quintrip

For more information about Quintrip and what they have to offer, visit their website at

You can also contact them by calling on 010 012 6199 or emailing

Don’t forget to follow Quintrip on their social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram and YouTube – to keep up to date with their latest offers, news, information, packages, and travel inspiration.

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