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Pringle of Scotland Opens New Concept Store At Fourways Mall!

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We all know that Fourways Mall has reopened with a bang! And to add more to your shopping experience, you can now get your hands on Pringle of Scotland clothing at their brand-new concept store in Fourways Mall. 

Fourways Mall's Newest Store!

Pringle of Scotland has opened a brand-new concept store in the newly renovated Fourways Mall. With a maximalist approach that pushes the store’s boundaries on the store’s traditional aesthetic, the store celebrates an intrinsic connection between chic modernism and redefined warmth.

Pia Lund, Head of Visual Merchandising is responsible for the conceptualisation of the Pringle of Scotland stand-alone stores and consumer experience. Below, Pia explains the deeper meaning behind the concept store, dwelling on its unique traits and what it means for the quintessence of the Pringle of Scotland brand.

Pringle of Scotland

Q&A with Pia Lund

What was the inspiration behind the new store's aesthetic?

Pia: Pringle of Scotland has moved away from the traditional black and white aesthetic and is now using warm tones such as wood and neutral colours allowing it to be more on trend. In the Fourways Mall store we took the concept further to introduce yellow, green tones and plush textures whilst reflecting on the current trends of warmth and “more-is-more” as opposed to minimal, clinical and monotone features. The aim ultimately is to give the store and, by association, the brand a more contemporary look and feel. In a world where negative news headlines rush at one daily, this store offers a refuge, some fun and a hint of luxury.

Pringle of Scotland

How have you incorporated Pringle of Scotland's heritage into the store’s aesthetic?

Pia: While Pringle of Scotland’s signature Argyle pattern is present in the design, the velvet colours and comforting textures are reminiscent of the verdant Scottish countryside and also evokes a feeling of being sheltered from the elements in a warm, convivial, possibly whisky-sipping and Scottish establishment.

How has the store been modified to make the store shopping experience pleasant and easy?

Pia: Pringle of Scotland created a feeling of space for customers to move easily between the merchandise; to appreciate the in-store experience and be inspired by the exciting and inviting interior.

Pringle of Scotland

What makes this store unique (apart from the fact that its new) and why should consumers frequently visit?

Pia: The lay-out and design is meant to allow the customer to step out of a frantic daily life cycle and into a beautiful calm space where they can think and experience luxury whilst browsing in-store. We would like our customers to enjoy a moment out of the rush, a moment to themselves and a moment to make smart choices regarding their closet when visiting the Fourways Mall, Pringle of Scotland store.

Store Details

  • Shop No. F67 (Upper Level)
  • Fourways Mall, corner William Nicol Drive and Fourways Boulevard , Fourways, Johannesburg
  • 087 750 9970
  • #pringleza

Pringle of Scotland

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