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PRIMI Eastgate - A Restaurant For Everyone

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PRIMI Eastgate - an eclectic fusion of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine with a contemporary dining experience. Whether you are looking for a family-friendly weeknight restaurant or a Friday sundowner hang out, PRIMI is sure to have just what you need. We indulged in delicious pizza and jam jar cocktails on our last visit. Here's what we thought about the vibe and food at Eastgate's best restaurant.

That PRIMI Energy

PRIMI was pioneered by entrepreneurs, Peter Castle and Francesco Zanasi in 1999. Their vision was to create a world-class restaurant brand, synonymous with delicious and superior quality food, exceptional service and value for money.

20 years on, PRIMI is still going strong. While the brand has undergone a couple of changes, it has for the most part stayed true to the original vision. Offering foodies the best in Italian and Mediterranean fusion cuisine, their famous jam jar cocktails and a great dining experience.


PRIMI at Eastgate Shopping Mall is the epitome of the brand's style and reputation for being a restaurant that anybody can enjoy, from the kids, to teens, young adults and even grandparents. PRIMI has something for everyone, finely balancing itself as a family-friendly eatery and Friday night drinks spot.

What sets this PRIMI apart from the rest? The view. Their outdoor deck was expanded a few years ago, giving diners the chance to soak up some sun while sipping their favourite cocktail or wine. In the evening, you can enjoy the view of twinkling lights over the horizon. What more could you want?

Italian-inspired favourites

PRIMI's menu has always been eclectic - featuring an array of Italian classics, as well as contemporary starters and a la carte mains.

We had to try their pizza when we visited. Wood-fire baked, these pizzas have a super thin, crispy base. We ordered the Californian - chicken or bacon, Danish feta, salsa Pomodoro, mozzarella and avocado. Knowing that we would wait a while for the oven to reach its perfect cooking temperature, we sat back and enjoyed a jam jar (or two) of fresh cranberry juice laced with a variety of spirits. PRIMI is known for their expertly made cocktails, and these did not disappoint.


Our pizza arrived in good time. But, this is the kind of pizza to be eaten slowly and savoured. So, that's exactly what we did. Gooey cheese, fresh garlic and tangy tomato undertones greeted us first. Then the perfect combination of salty bacon, feta cheese and creamy avocado had us in foodie heaven. The portions are generous, so one pizza is good to share. However, if you are ravenous, order a side of zucchini fries or a fresh green salad to accompany your pizza dish.

Unfortunately, we did not have space for dessert. But, we have heard good things about the PRIMI brownie pudding - dark chocolate brownies with homemade chocolate fudge sauce, topped with nuts. We'll be back soon!

For more information

Visit their website for more information, or follow their social media pages:

Facebook - facebook.com/PrimiWorld

Twitter - twitter.com/PRIMIworld

Instagram - instagram.com/primiworld

Contact them on 011 622 1235 or via email at [email protected].

Details: Store 11 at Eastgate Shopping Centre, 43 Bradford Road, Bedfordview, Johannesburg.

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