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Plaka - A Delicious Greek Experience In Eastgate

Plaka - A Delicious Greek Experience In Eastgate

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Food is life, exaggerated statement but true so why not enjoy amazing Greek experience at Plaka as you go through a burst of flavour and variety!

While the franchise has grown over the years, with many beautiful restaurants around the country perfectly located to suit the Plaka style and vibe.

The best thing to do would be to book a table at Plaka in Eastgate Shopping Centre. Situated on the piazza, the restaurant is not only beautiful to look at - clean with modest touches, but the food embraces all the other elements - satisfying to your tummy.

Plaka Greek Restaurant

According to very reputable Greek sources, the best way to enjoy Greek food is to order meze – this is an amazing selection of a variety of small dishes of heaven which you, your friends and family can share and enjoy together. From calamari, to halloumi, baby octopus and the traditional village salad, you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget to try the dips with some warm pita bread, you will be hooked.

As much as we are giving you so much to try, we can't resist - the Greek sure do know how to make amazing food. Therefore you have to try the yiro or souvlaki in pita – you have the option between beef or chicken, wrapped in pita with tzatziki sauce (Their tzatziki is quite yummy, the roughly cut cucumber is the best), tomatoes and onion. Nothing beats a good Yiro, trust me...absolutely divine!

Plaka Greek Restaurant


Their mains are to-die-for. Whether you choose a traditional meal like mousaka (baked mince meat layered with aubergines and potatoes and topped with a béchamel sauce), or giovetsi (lamb and pasta rice prepared in a tomato sauce), or the simpler T-bone steak, prawns or baby chicken… either way you’ll be left with a smile. Each dish has a unique taste which leaves you wanting to lick your plate. But, for the sake of table manners, maybe don't.

And, of course, what’s a meal without dessert, right? When it comes to Greek desserts, there is always so much to choose from. My favourite is the rizogalo (rice pudding) – it’s a must from Plaka, trust me.

The best part is that you can see right into the kitchen so you know they’re clean, nothing gives you more peace of mind than this. Plus, the service is great, the staff are friendly and the atmosphere is relaxing… in fact, you might even forget that you’re still in Joburg or perhaps want to book that flight to the Greek islands.

No one knows how to enjoy food more than the Greeks so let them feed you! Happy eating, folks!

Say hi to Plaka.

By Angela Bekiaris


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