Perron Melville Serves Up A Mexican Feast

Situated where the old video shop used to be on 4th Avenue, Perron has brought its appreciation for Mexico to Melville. Patrons can expect the same style, flavour and service Joburgers are accustomed to at Perron’s Illovo and Bryanston branches. It’s all about burritos, guacamole, and tequila shots at this self-proclaimed “Mexican appreciation society”. We take a closer look at their 2018 menu.

Just in time for winter 2018, Perron Melville introduces its latest (and greatest) menu change. The kitchen’s aim was to go more hearty, more wholesome, and more Mexican… and they nailed it times ten. So, it’s our duty to hitch a ride to Joburg’s coolest suburb and give the entire Perron experience a spin around the old culinary block, as it were.


Nibbles, as this section of the menu is referred to, has seen a couple of cool entries added to it. Kicking off with the jenny chow (no, it’s not related to the bunny chow), a seven layer dip of  refried beans, guacamole, crema, olives, lettuce, cheese and chopped tomatoes served with tortilla chips. With that I suggest an order of Jalapeño poppers, and some Mexican Street Porn (or is that supposed to be corn)? Either way, the street porn consists of chargrilled corn, basted in crema, mayo and chilli, topped with fresh coriander and crumbled feta. Without mentioning the entire starter menu (because there are no wrong choices), give the burnt corn croquetas a try as well – they go down swimmingly with a perfectly paired glass of house red wine.

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When it comes to the big meal, it’s recommended to go all out. I went straight for the hunger buster and ordered a glazed pork belly slow roasted with chilli, lime, and agave syrup served with refried beans and potatoes. On top of that our table ordered a vegetarian señorita burrito (which deserves a standing ovation decided on size alone – it was huge), which is filled with roasted beetroot and carrot with spiced sweet potato and feta. Sticking to the classics we also had a big bowl of chilli filled with beans, ground beef, and onions served with rice, sour cream, and cheddar cheese.  The overall consensus is that big portions are the name of the game when it comes to this side of Perron Melville’s menu.

The Perron Melville menu also boasts a big tapas style section where patrons can order different eats such as soft shell tacos, empanadas, and corn fritters to name a few.

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Dessert & Drinks

“Are there churros?” Of course there are! Seeing as churros are at the top of the local sweet tooth trend, you can bet your left foot that Perron Melville serves some of the best doughy renditions in the city that comes with chocolate or coconut dulce de leche. Another authentically Mexican dessert entry is the arancini which is refreshing – a deep fried coconut rice pudding served with roasted apple, crema, and cinnamon. That’s all I have for desserts, eh… I’m not too big on sweet stuff but tasted around the table. Give the others a shot and let me know in the comments below!

The drinks feature tequila, tequila, and more tequila (with a gin and tonic popping through the woodwork here and there). Mexican beers include Corona, Sol, Naked Mexican, and a string of local craft brews. The cocktail menu is carefully crafted by more-than-talented mixologists who know how to pour a drink. Some of the more interesting cocktails to appear include jalapeño and coriander drinks and different variations of the classic margarita.

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011 482 1215


65 4th Ave, Melville, Johannesburg, 2109


Check out Perron’s website here and Melville’s Facbook page here.

By Shawn Greyling

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