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Mouthwatering Meals With Greek Gods, Parea

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Try something tasty and delicious at the famous Greek restaurant, Parea Taverna in Illovo. You will be licking your fingers. Parea Greek Taverna Illovo Johannesburg

If you have been searching for the ultimate Greek experience, then try out Parea Greek Taverna. This restaurants will make you feel like you are in your very own little Greece.

Also known as just Parea, this lovely restaurant is situated at the Illovo Junction. You won't miss this eatery - just look out for the blue and white colours.

Parea Greek Taverna Illovo Johannesburg

The Greek Experience

Parea Greek Taverna has been in the food business for almost 30 years. They take pride in their curated Greek experiences that they share with Johannesburg.

Parea Greek Taverna is an awesome place to enjoy a good meal in a relaxed setting. As the evening approaches, the restaurant is bustling with an electric fork and knife, laughter and conversation.

Greek food is all about flavour and hearty food that will satisfy any hunger pangs.

Parea Greek Taverna Illovo Johannesburg

Food, Food and Food!

Parea Greek Taverna has a generous menu that offers variety for everyone. Although they are known for their succulent meats, Parea offers more than that.

The Explorer

They have set menus that allow you to explore all the wholesome meals. Whichever one you may pick, you can expect to enjoy the most flavourful food.

Parea Greek Taverna Illovo Johannesburg

The Meat Lover

Parea is a meat oasis, they offer a variety of different kinds of meat. Whether it's in the form of a skewer, in a burger or a yiro.

Meat options include chicken, beef, lamb and seafood.

The Not So Meaty Eater

Greek food is rich in vegetatian options, such as vegetarian mezes that offer a variety-filled Greek experience.

The Specific Eater

You can choose from their mains, seafood, vegetarian meals, salads, meze options and desserts. The options are endless, you can even mix and match to make your own curated meal.

Parea Greek Taverna Illovo Johannesburg

The Ambience

The ambience at Parea Greek Taverna is electric and vibrant. They strive to make sure that even the vibe has a Greek touch.

The weekend has added entertainment, including belly dancing and Greek dancing to spice up that Greek experience you so desire.

They also have some desserts to tickle those taste buds and finish you meal off with a bang.

Enjoy the Greek journey, Jozi!

Parea Greek Taverna Illovo Johannesburg

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