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Papa Pronto is located in the Fourways area.

Papa Pronto is an Italian restaurant that not only offers outdoor and indoor dining, but also delivery services for those who are within their delivery region. For those outside the delivery regions, there is a take away option if you prefer dining from your home. Alcohol is also served at the restaurant should you wish for a good wine, whiskey, or whatever your palate desires. Best known for their great service and phenomenal pizza, it's a restaurant worth a visit.

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  1. The new Papa Pronto is "open" just a couple of blocks down the road from our home in Jukskei Park. Friday night we decided to have dinner there. As we were walking in, the group behind us were saying they hoped there was space and that they could get in. There were obvious open tables so we carried on. At the door a guy who I assume was the on shift manager brushed past us, clearly giving preference to the group we had just heard talking (behind us) and swept them in taking them upstairs. He clearly knew them quite well. We were left at the door with a clearly more junior guy who told us that the restaurant was not yet officially open and that if we were prepared to wait for about an hour we might get lucky. I asked him if there was somewhere we could sit and at least get a drink while we waited. I am afraid to report that this proved impossible even though there were tables clearly open. He claimed that they did not have enough staff to cover all the tables although there were at least 3 guys at the door. Needless to say, our 1st impression of this Papa Pronto was not good. I doubt we will be back in spite of its proximity to our home. We went on to the Papa Pronto in Fourways. Much smaller, but what a difference in attidtude. Enjoyed our Burgers and Pizza very much.

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