Panarottis Pizza Launches New Look At Cradlestone Mall

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Panarottis Pizza & Pasta has just rolled out their brand-new look at the uber-stylish Cradlestone Mall, just west of Johannesburg. 

This month, Panarottis, South Africa's favourite family pizza joint, has joined the big fat family of eateries at Cradlestone Mall. But what makes this Panarottis so different from every other Panarottis we've had birthdays at since we were little knee scrapers?

Panarottis Cradlestone Mall is the first store in the world to launch with their new logo and new store décor spec.
The pizza oven is unique as not only is it the first Panarottis with wood-fired pizza oven but the oven has a rotating base. One of the biggest highlights – besides from the amazing food – is the kids' area that boasts a full-size air hockey table, arcade games and a great modular play system for kids nine years and younger, and promises to be
the coolest party venue in town.

There is something for everyone at Panarottis Cradlestone Mall, so next time you're in the area and craving a taste of Italian family fun, pop in and enjoy the delicious quality meals in their great new space.

By Shawn Greyling

Have you seen Panarottis's new look? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments below. Planning a trip to Cradlestone Mall? Then share this with your entourage and go check out the scene. 

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