Now You See Me, Now You Don't...Optometrists You Need To Know

One thing that is hard when you are in denial of your lack of eyesight; is squinting your eyes because you come to the reality of the fact that you can't actually see. I mean, the reality of it is; at some point you have to get glasses and what better places to get your glasses than optometrists that will make you feel fashionable.

Personally, I'm a spicy type of girl and I love adding some character - pop of colour here and pattern there gives life to anything I wear. Plus unique shape here and frames have come to a point where you can get them in a diverse range of colours that will have you trying something new without even intending to

Now, let's take a look at optometrists that have changed the game and offer amazing designer glasses that will add some character and have you feeling as stylish as ever.

Optometrists In Joburg

Vision Works Optometrists

Vision Works puts much emphasis on quality eye care quality service as well as fashionable eyewear.

These optometrists are statement makers with fashionable frames are absolutely gorgeous, you can definitely find something unique here, whether its for sun protection or prescription. Having an alliance with well know health convenience store, Dischem - you can enjoy amazing benefits and special promotions.

We know that prescription glasses can be a bit expensive especially if you add the designer look, but Vision works has really good discounted designer glasses so getting your trendy glasses will come cheaper.

Optometrists In Joburg


Have you ever looked at somebody's glasses and actually wondered, where did they get this pair because they're so unique? No, they don't come from mars or Venus - you can certainly get a pair of your own at Eyetique. You can find something that is suitable to your personal taste.

Situated in the modern urban contemporary precinct of Melrose Arch - you can already to reassured expect something different. Eyetique is one of the few optometrist that make eye wear look like pieces of art. They boast with hand made and unique frames, you will be wanting more than just one pair.

If you have a select taste, they have amazing international brands such as Chanel, Oliver Peoples, Dita and more.

Optometrists In Joburg

Dynamic Vision

Let's start off with their favourite words, "We change the way the world sees you". Dynamic Vision is about giving you personalisation and adding personality to your frame of choice.

Known as one of the longest running independent optometrists in Mzansi, they clearly are doing something right that people really love and appreciate in the market. These optometrists are all about quality and wide offering, bringing in brands from around the world to give you more options to choose from.

They help you find the perfect fit and look to suit your personality.

After discovering my personal taste, finding the right style has always been a struggle for me. The unexpected, the better - this is why I had to share these spots filled with something unique for everyone.

Joburg! that's it from me, enjoy the search.

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