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Online Coding Lessons For Kids

Online Coding Lessons For Kids

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Just because schools are closed, doesn't mean kids can't learn a thing or two. To keep the kids busy during lockdown, check out these easy online coding courses.coding


This website is perfect for high school learners who are looking to study IT or simply want to upskill themselves. If your child is fascinated by the world of tech, this is the perfect program to sign up for. CodeSpace offers a broad range of courses that make coding easy and accessible. They also offer other tech-based courses.


Udemy offers game development and coding courses for children. This is a great platform to teach your kids how to create games and animation with the MIT coding platform. This course is perfect for children who are between the ages of eight and 16 and who have no previous coding experience.

Code Guppy

This is a very child-friendly website that is easy to use. Code Guppy teaches kids and adults JavaScript through fun and easy tutorials. They also have courses for parents and teachers to help them polish their coding skills and learn new tricks.


Tynker's coding for kids begins with drag-and-drop visual programming. This is where kids learn by creating blocks to make programs. They have coding for beginners as well as courses to help kids understand the logic behind coding. Once they’ve learned the basics, kids can transition to more traditional programming languages, like Python, JavaScript or C. From online coding courses and games to in-person coding instruction and offline learning, there are endless coding resources available.


Childhood101 teaches computer languages, including HTML, JavaScript, C and Python. To make it easy and understandable for kids, this website allows children to learn how to use simplified, visual programming tools that allow them to build programs with pre-made blocks of codes that can be stacked together to form a sequence of instructions.


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