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On The Go Snack Spots You Need For Your Cravings

On The Go Snack Spots You Need For Your Cravings

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Snacks are the easiest thing to grab when you are in a rush and on the move. Here are a few spots that will have you snacking like a pro. The Nut Lady

We all enjoy a good snack every now and then, especially when we are in a rush. Snacks can be sweet, savoury, healthy or indulgent.

We all have our favourite snacks, but sometimes we want some variety. Check out our list of favourite snacks to satisfy any craving.

Joubert & Monty Famous Biltong Snack

Joubert & Monty Famous Biltong

Biltong is South Africa's favourite snack. And one of the best places to get your yummy treat is Joubert & Monty Famous Biltong.

Here, you can choose between sticks or chunks, all flavoured with their secret spices.

This addictive snack is a good go-to for any time of day.


Photo By Urban Real Estate (Fournos Valley Centre)


Fournos is one of the most loved bakeries in the city because of their freshly baked goods.

Fournos offers savoury and sweet snacks, including fresh bakes and ice cream. Their ice cream parlour offers gourmet flavours, such as pistachio, rum and raisin and strawberry.

This is a great place to get snacks for parties, dinners or any other gathering.

Snack Attack Johannesburg

Lindt Boutique

Lindt is probably one of the most loved chocolate snacks in Joburg.

Lindt has tons of variety, which includes dark chocolate, gourmet chocolate and textured chocolate.

The Lindt Boutique should be your go-to spot to satisfy your sweet tooth. It's a chocolate heaven.

Food Lovers

Food Lover's Market Eatery

Food Lover's Market Eatery is a great place to find snacks, ranging from healthy and savoury snacks to sweet treats.

The aroma of the bakery is bound to delight your senses and get you craving all sorts of sweet snacks, from brownies to cheesecakes.

Plan B

Plan B Dessertery 

Plan B Dessertery takes dessert to a whole new level.

If you are looking for the best sweet treat, this is your spot. Whether it's delicious churros or mouthwatering ice cream, their snacks will hit the spot.

The Nut Lady

The Nut Lady

The Nut Lady specialises in dried fruit and nuts. They have tons of options to choose from.

Stop by for your fill of spicy, sweet, salted and roasted nuts for the ultimate healthy snack.

Boost Juice Bar

Boost Juice Bar is a great place to get a tasty and healthy beverage.

Boost makes the most delicious smoothies and juices. They have a generous menu, so you can try something fresh and new every time you pop by.

Boost Juice Bar is a great snack spot for a post-workout treat.

Where is your go-to for snacks? Let us know in the comments section below!


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