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Olivias Coffeebake Remains A Northcliff Gem

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Olivias Coffeebake has established itself as a Northcliff institution thanks to its fresh pastries baked on the premises, moreish menu options and friendly atmosphere. It's the perfect breakfast and lunch spot in the City of Gold.

There are not many coffee bars that can offer you more than run-of-the-mill muffins and scones with your beverage of kings. In this regard, places such as Olivias Coffeebake are few and far between.

Everything is handmade on the premises, meaning it is served fresh every day, which is in line with the open-house, family atmosphere which Olivias has sought to create since its inauguration in 2000.

The establishment was opened by the son of a migrant Cypriat couple, who wanted to honour his late mother with an eatery named after her. According to her son, John, Olivia’s home was always filled with family, friends, wonderful meals and desserts. Now, the patrons of this cottage-like shop in Northcliff get to experience her warmth in the seasonal, artful and inventive pastries, milk tarts, wheatless rye, quiches and hot, buttered Chelsea buns offered by Olivias.

Visit them for a bite and select from one of the most comprehensive breakfast menus in upper Gauteng, which ranges from health options such as oats with dried fruit and nuts, to the carnivore’s dream breakfast featuring the works, including prego steak and chips just in case the wors, bacon, eggs and toast do not fill you. Be sure to punch an extra notch on your belt because the portions are legendary.

Should you and your friends be meeting later in the day, breakfast is not the only item on the menu. Peck at a salad, open toasty or sandwich if you are in a chatty mood, or tuck into a burger, quesadilla or hot dog with chips or salad if conversation can wait. The extensive sit-down menu offers something for everyone whether they came to meet, or came to eat.

In addition to a fantastic short Illy cappuccino, find fresh bread and other goodies. Olivias is your ideal neighbourhood coffee bar, whether you are looking to go out for a light meal or simply enjoy the company of friends.

John invites you to feel at home and take your place in the Olivias family. Absorb the stream of patrons passing through for baked goods while your meal is prepared. Meet the boss and his general managers, Washington and Greg, who ensure that everything runs smoothly by taking care of customers’ needs and making them feel at home.

Should you feel like complimenting the chef, Mandla is the kitchen manager of ten years, so feel free to pop your head around the corner on your way out, and show some appreciation to the store’s most reliable employee.

And when out-of-towners ask where they can get a cup of coffee around here, be sure to direct them to 175 Beyers Naude Drive, Northcliff, in the province of lights and gold.

Check out their Facebook and website for more info.

Written by Niamh Walsh-Vorster.

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