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Old Fashioned Italian at La Fattoria

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There is just something special about traditional Italian food done right. Visit La Fattoria Restaurant to experience good, old fashioned Italian cuisine made with love, care, and only the finest ingredients. 

Finding a truly authentic Italian restaurant in Joburg is like discovering a rare gem. There are many imitations, but only a few can call themselves the real deal. We visited La Fattoria restaurant recently to determine which side of the spectrum they sit on. Needless to say, we were delightfully surprised by this quaint Italian bistro. Read on to find out more about our experience and all that La Fattoria has to offer.

La Fattoria

Classic Breakfasts

We are total breakfast lovers here at,za. Unfortunately we'd just missed the breakfast cut-off when we arrived at La Fattoria, but looking at their menu we will certainly be back to sample their brekkie fare. Think classic breakfast offerings with an Italian twist.

We were particularly intrigued by their Buongiorno breakfast – two eggs of your choice, streaky bacon, mushrooms, beef/pork sausage, and Italian baked beans served with your choice of seeded, rye or ciabatta toast. We think this breakfast would go down a treat paired with a piping hot coffee. If you agree, gather your friends or family for a breakfast feast at La Fattoria as soon as you can.

La Fattoria also occasionally offers breakfast specials from Tuesday to Sunday between 07:00 and 12:00. Follow them on Facebook to find the perfect steal for when you are in a pinch and craving a delicious breakfast.

Panini Perfection  

We believe that the mark of a great restaurant is the quality of its sandwiches. La Fattoria well exceeded our expectations with their artisanal paninis.

They offer a variety of breads, cheeses, vegetables, meats and fish to create your very own panini masterpiece. We had a stellar time selecting our toppings and choice of bread. Ultimately what we created were two gloriously cheesy, savoury sarmies. My creation was made up of provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, sun-dried tomatoes and basil pesto.

My partner had a slightly more eclectic combination of mature cheddar, seasoned mushrooms, pastrami and feta cheese. If you are sandwich aficionados like us, make sure to visit La Fattoria. You'll leave feeling thoroughly satisfied and with a renewed love of the simplest ingredients.

We will be back soon to sample the restaurant's more sophisticated offerings. Whilst devouring our paninis we spotted a few artisanal pizzas, pastas and grills exiting the kitchen. La Fattoria is most definitely a restaurant that you can visit time and time again until you've tasted every morsel off the menu. We hope to see you there!

La Fattoria

For More Information 

Visit for more information.

Details: 11 Swemmer Road, Silvemonte, Johannesburg | (Tel) 010 021 0330 | Email: [email protected]


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