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Tucked away in the suburb of Oaklands is a small centre called, unsurprisingly, the Oaklands Shopping Centre. At a quick glance from the road it has little to recommend it. The sign is unremarkable and the shops themselves are hidden behind the trees and parked cars. It has, however, an appeal worth discovering. The centre draws a remarkable number of people throughout the day because many of the businesses support each other, and act as a common draw card, by being remarkably good. The ones that have impressed me more than somewhat are:

Tortellino D'Oro is an extremely attractive, clean and well run Italian restaurant and delicatessen. Started by the Bollini family over 30 years ago, today it is managed by Catarina. It has grown significantly since then, expanding by taking over adjoining premises and converting the sidewalk outside into a covered open-air verandah. Whilst not the cheapest it is extremely popular and the food and service, which I have enjoyed whenever I can persuade someone to take me there, is excellent. After enjoying coffee or a meal you will want to investigate the delicatessen side and choose something/s to take away with you. Some well known public figures, and an extremely faithful clientele, are regular patrons. It is well worth a visit, and you know that you will enjoy it as you walk in. Tortellino D'Oro means ‘golden pasta shaped as a belly button’ – visit the website to find out why!

Open from 9am - 10pm Monday to Saturday and 9am - 3pm on Sundays and Public Holidays.
Tel 011 483 1249. Web: www.tortellino.co.za

Odizee Gifts is right next door and is an intriguing shop. They carry a range of different, quality items for the home or for gifts, and are also stockists of Charlotte Rhys products. It is fascinating to browse through the shop, listening to the conversations and watching people spend money on items of jewellery, antique silverware, garments or one of a number of little items. If you are looking for inspiration you should get it here.

Tel: 011 728 1078

Europa Coffee Shop has also extended itself over the sidewalk. On most days there will be people sitting under the umbrellas enjoying a meal or a drink, whilst the rest of the world takes care of itself. It is wonderful to have such places where it is possible to relax outside instead of being hidden in the depths of a mall. They have some great staff and the food is good.

Tel 011 728 3720

Oaklands Farm Supply is another of the main draw cards. It was established over 40 years ago and is known for its quality and good selection. Although not overlarge it is well laid out and an attractive shop to enter. The produce always looks fresh and appealing. They also have a range of kosher products, and a large selection of fresh cut flowers, freshly squeezed juices and a salad bar. They will deliver fruit platters and gift baskets.

Tel: 011 728 3214

All in all this little shopping centre has great appeal and much to recommend it – including a good Postnet. It is compact so that no great distances are involved, and one can tick a number of items off the ‘to do’ list whilst treating oneself to a ‘little something’ or a bit more – especially at Tortellino D'Oro.

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