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New Friend Socials - Social Club

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Many people would like to expand their social circle for a variety of reasons, including moving to a new city or becoming single again. New Friend Socials offers an easy way to meet new people, possibly even that one special person. Everyone is busy and the idea of going on to a dating site is simply not practical. Most of the time people will probably need to chat to about 100 potentials, resulting in about 30 coffee dates, with the possibility of meeting one or two people who are interesting. Who has the time or energy for that?

At New Friends Socials, members are profiled so groups can be developed, these groups are formed with typically 8 people who are similar to each other. There is no single match to one person, so there is no pressure and one can chat to everyone in their group. Before the event, guests will receive the profiles of the people within the group, so one can know a little bit about them before meeting. Although a profile is written for each member, the profiles are not posted on the website.

The company was founded by a business professional, so the events are well run with the host/ess remaining for the duration of the event. Events are chosen that are conducive to creating conversation.

Events include dinner, wine tasting, drumming, salsa dancing, white water rafting, gokarting, tenpin bowling and shows, for example at the Barnyard.

New Friends Socials will soon be extending their services to include weekends away as well as activities for single parents.

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